Abadin To Villalba

Day 37

13.9 Miles, 22.4 K.

Walked On May 29, 2022

Written On May 30, 2022

Vern On The Way To Villalba (Photos By Nancy)
Ancient Cross On The Way
Camino Gate!
Romanesque Religious Way Marker
Nancy Walking Early In The Day (Photos By Rhonda)

We left Abadin and started walking. Shortly before this photo, we paused. Lisa took photos and I put my jacket in my day backpack. Much later I realized that my glasses were missing! Vern and I had just walked down a dark tree lined path. When I told Vern my glasses were missing he immediately started climbing back up the hill to a spot that he remembered seeing me stop at. I followed him. I spoke to two Pilgrims and asked them if they saw my glasses to please put them on the Way Marker at the bottom of the hill.

I also asked Pilgrims from Ireland who I had met the night before to let me know if they see my glasses. We saw them at a bar later. I reported to them that I hadn’t found them. As it seemed that I was not going to find my glasses I was grateful that I had my prescription sunglasses. I am not able to read without my glasses.

Lisa reported to me that she met Pilgrims who have three friends walking tomorrow and they will be looking for my glasses!

When we got to Villalba Vern and I went to the Farmacia. I now have a pair of reading glasses!

Lisa On One Of The Great Paths Today!
Creative Gate!
Rhonda & Lisa’s Daily Selfie In Front Of Whimsical Bales Of Hay
Creative Landscaping (Photos By Lisa)
Rhonda, Vern & Nancy. Nancy Still Has Her Glasses.
Camino Memorial For Benito Graña Otero
Pro Tip #7: Buen Camino App. A Lot Of Information For Many Caminos!

Villaviciosa To Gijón

Day 25

9.6 Miles, 15.4 K

Walked & Written on May 17, 2022

On The Way To Gijón
Lisa, Rhonda & Vern Chillin’ With The Sculptures
A Banana Tree (This Photo and a few more by Rhonda)
Unique Place For A Bottle!
More Spanish Art!
Lisa In Gijón
Wall Of Art
A Treat For A Hungry Pilgrim!
Part of Gijón On The Water
Mother And Child? ( Photos by Lisa)
Rhonda Hiding In Plain Sight!
Traditional Gijôn Apartment
At The Water’s Edge
Elogio del Horizonte (Eulogy To The Horizon) Completed in 1990 by Eduardo Chillida

Gijón is a seaport and a multi faceted city with something for everyone. We are enjoying our time here!

Comillas To Serdio

Day 17

14.6 Miles, 23.5 K.

Written on May 10, 2022

Vern, Lisa, and Rhonda Leaving Comillas
Waterway Lock On the Way To Serdio
Break Time For Rhonda On The Way To Serdio
Lisa And Rhonda On A Beautiful Day In Spain
Camino Wisdom
Identification Appreciated😍
Beauty Everywhere
On The Way To Serdio
Vern Moving Along
Lisa Going Up Another Hill

Many times the photos make it appear that the walk may be easy or mostly on level ground. Not true. So far the Camino del Norte has been very mountainous, a lot of ups and downs. Even though the Camino is not a walk in the park it is worth every step. The coastal walk is priceless and the flora and fauna is infinite. An amazing aspect of the Camino to me is I may be barely dragging myself to that night’s bed and in the morning- ready to go!

Buen Camino!

Boó de Piélagos To Santilliana Del Mar

Day 15

14 Miles, 22.5 K

Written on May 7, 2022

On The Way To Santilliana (Photos By Rhonda & Lisa)
Decorative Local Marker
Creative Planter
Yard Gnome?
Nancy & Vern On The Way to Santilliana
Nancy In Santilliana Rapping To A Brother Ali Song

Today started out with a detour to a train station. We happened to read last night that the best way to proceed to Santilliana was with a two minute train ride. We had to bypass the bridge over the river. Other Pilgrims were on the train, as well.

We decided to take the train to Mar, longer than 2 minutes. We went to a bar in Mar. I ordered a coffee with soy milk. When we were ready to leave the owner handed me the soy milk container for no charge! Thanks vern for carrying it!

San Miguelde de Meruelo To Santander

Day 13

23 Miles, 37.0 K

Written On May 6, 2022

Lisa And Rhonda Enjoying The Scenic Route! Photo By Rhonda
Morning Baguettes
Beautiful Water Tower
“Beauty Everywhere If You Open Your Eyes.”Photo and Inspiration by Rhonda.
Message And Photo by Lisa On The Coastal Route. “We can’t Hurry, It’s Too Marvelous!”

Today’s mileage is shown as 23 miles, 37 kilometers. That is the distance shown on the map Apps. What is not shown is the distance deducted for taking the Ferry to Santander. Taking the Ferry is suggested in the Camino del Norte Pilgrim Guides. It took a half hour to get to Santander.

We arrived in Santander a few hours ahead of Lisa and Rhonda and proceeded to look for our reserved rooms….and looked for our rooms……and looked for our rooms. Lisa and Rhonda arrived by Ferry and we were still looking for our rooms. Vern, Lisa and I transported our backpacks through the Post Office Service. We thought if we found our room, we would find our bags. The adventure led us to a Private Hostal which did not have our bags, then to the Correos, (Post office), which did have our bags. Next: find our rooms. The Private Apartment we were looking for was on a main boulevard in Santander and did not have an address number listed on the reservation. Many locals we asked tried to help us find it,

Finally at 8 pm the owners of the Apartment texted me the full address! Great! We can now have dinner .

Laredo To San Miguelde de Meruelo

Day 12

13 Miles, 20.9 K

Written on May 6, 2022

Ferry To Santoña
Nancy Passing Out Blog Cards to Santoña Locals. Photo by Lisa.
Mariano Gómez-Cambronero, A Best Friend, And Vern
Casona De La Parra, San Maméi De Meruelo, Owned By Mariano and his Daughter, Paula

Today while walking we decided to stop for lunch in Santoña after getting off the ferry. Shortly after eating I started to feel lightheaded and sick to my stomach. I walked until we found a place to call for help. We decided to call the next place where we have a reservation: Casona De La Parra. Paula answered the phone and said she would try to find a Taxi to pick us up. No Taxis were available. She called to let us know that her father, Mariano, would pick us up in fifteen minutes! Great!!!

We had reserved a two bedroom apartment at Casona De La Parra. After settling in we decided to go to the town close by and buy groceries. Once again Mariano helped us out. He was going to town and was glad to take us.

When we returned Rhonda started slicing veggies, fruit and bread. We put the food together and had a great meal. Thanks Rhonda for preparation and clean up!

Bilbao To Santurce

Day 9

9.9 Miles, 15.9 k

Written May 1, 2022

A Mural Along The River Nervión

Vern and I walked together along the River for many miles, (the variant route). Lisa and Rhonda chose the mountain walk, (The Camino Route.)

An Ewok

Anyone familiar with the Star Wars movies will recognize an Ewok. We did not expect to see a large stuffed animal replica of one in a tree! We had been walking along a busy road for a long time and was happy to see the animal!

Thank you to the Local who took our photo leaving Bilbao!
A Statue On The Way to Portugalete
Bizkaia Bridge

The Bizkaia Bridge was the first ferry bridge built in the world with a metal structure. It is located at the mouth of the Ibaizabal river, at the point where the navigable estuary of Bilbao used to get to the sea until the 19th century. It was inaugurated on 28 July,1893 and its design was the work of Alberto Palacio and Elissague.

Above the hanging ferry is a pedestrian bridge.

On Either Side Of The Vehicles Are Enclosed Areas for Passengers.
A Spanish Angel.

We must have looked like we needed help buying our ferry ticket. We wanted to walk on top of the bridge but the tickets were sold out for 3 hours. We then tried to figure out how to buy a ferry ticket and he ⬆️ helped us….I forgot to ask your name.

Moving Sidewalk In Portugalete

We met up with Lisa and Rhonda in Santurce a few hours later to share the events of the day and have dinner. Buen Camino!

Orio to Zauratz

Day 3.

4.7 Miles, 7.6 K.

Written On April 25, 2022

Pilgrim Tribute On The Way To Zauratz
A Camino WayMarker
A Golf Course On The Way to Zauratz

It was a beautiful day for walking. We chose a short distance for today, actually it was shorter than planned. We are just getting to know how to read the various apps and tools we are using.

Vern and I decided to use the Correos (Post Office) Backpack shipping service. We lightened our load, helping us to feel better and walk better due to injuries which we had before we entered Spain.

When we arrived at our Hotel in Zauratz our bags were not there. After a call to the Correos I realized that they did their best to reach me but my phone ringer was off. They no longer had drivers to deliver our bags. Vern and I were prepared to take a round trip taxi to Orio to get our bags. When I contacted the owner at Hostal Xaloa in Orio she insisted she would bring the bags to us!!!! Another example of Camino kindness!