Boó de Piélagos To Santilliana Del Mar

Day 15

14 Miles, 22.5 K

Written on May 7, 2022

On The Way To Santilliana (Photos By Rhonda & Lisa)
Decorative Local Marker
Creative Planter
Yard Gnome?
Nancy & Vern On The Way to Santilliana
Nancy In Santilliana Rapping To A Brother Ali Song

Today started out with a detour to a train station. We happened to read last night that the best way to proceed to Santilliana was with a two minute train ride. We had to bypass the bridge over the river. Other Pilgrims were on the train, as well.

We decided to take the train to Mar, longer than 2 minutes. We went to a bar in Mar. I ordered a coffee with soy milk. When we were ready to leave the owner handed me the soy milk container for no charge! Thanks vern for carrying it!

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