Comillas To Serdio

Day 17

14.6 Miles, 23.5 K.

Written on May 10, 2022

Vern, Lisa, and Rhonda Leaving Comillas
Waterway Lock On the Way To Serdio
Break Time For Rhonda On The Way To Serdio
Lisa And Rhonda On A Beautiful Day In Spain
Camino Wisdom
Identification Appreciated😍
Beauty Everywhere
On The Way To Serdio
Vern Moving Along
Lisa Going Up Another Hill

Many times the photos make it appear that the walk may be easy or mostly on level ground. Not true. So far the Camino del Norte has been very mountainous, a lot of ups and downs. Even though the Camino is not a walk in the park it is worth every step. The coastal walk is priceless and the flora and fauna is infinite. An amazing aspect of the Camino to me is I may be barely dragging myself to that night’s bed and in the morning- ready to go!

Buen Camino!

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