Bilbao To Santurce

Day 9

9.9 Miles, 15.9 k

Written May 1, 2022

A Mural Along The River Nervión

Vern and I walked together along the River for many miles, (the variant route). Lisa and Rhonda chose the mountain walk, (The Camino Route.)

An Ewok

Anyone familiar with the Star Wars movies will recognize an Ewok. We did not expect to see a large stuffed animal replica of one in a tree! We had been walking along a busy road for a long time and was happy to see the animal!

Thank you to the Local who took our photo leaving Bilbao!
A Statue On The Way to Portugalete
Bizkaia Bridge

The Bizkaia Bridge was the first ferry bridge built in the world with a metal structure. It is located at the mouth of the Ibaizabal river, at the point where the navigable estuary of Bilbao used to get to the sea until the 19th century. It was inaugurated on 28 July,1893 and its design was the work of Alberto Palacio and Elissague.

Above the hanging ferry is a pedestrian bridge.

On Either Side Of The Vehicles Are Enclosed Areas for Passengers.
A Spanish Angel.

We must have looked like we needed help buying our ferry ticket. We wanted to walk on top of the bridge but the tickets were sold out for 3 hours. We then tried to figure out how to buy a ferry ticket and he ⬆️ helped us….I forgot to ask your name.

Moving Sidewalk In Portugalete

We met up with Lisa and Rhonda in Santurce a few hours later to share the events of the day and have dinner. Buen Camino!

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