San Miguelde de Meruelo To Santander

Day 13

23 Miles, 37.0 K

Written On May 6, 2022

Lisa And Rhonda Enjoying The Scenic Route! Photo By Rhonda
Morning Baguettes
Beautiful Water Tower
“Beauty Everywhere If You Open Your Eyes.”Photo and Inspiration by Rhonda.
Message And Photo by Lisa On The Coastal Route. “We can’t Hurry, It’s Too Marvelous!”

Today’s mileage is shown as 23 miles, 37 kilometers. That is the distance shown on the map Apps. What is not shown is the distance deducted for taking the Ferry to Santander. Taking the Ferry is suggested in the Camino del Norte Pilgrim Guides. It took a half hour to get to Santander.

We arrived in Santander a few hours ahead of Lisa and Rhonda and proceeded to look for our reserved rooms….and looked for our rooms……and looked for our rooms. Lisa and Rhonda arrived by Ferry and we were still looking for our rooms. Vern, Lisa and I transported our backpacks through the Post Office Service. We thought if we found our room, we would find our bags. The adventure led us to a Private Hostal which did not have our bags, then to the Correos, (Post office), which did have our bags. Next: find our rooms. The Private Apartment we were looking for was on a main boulevard in Santander and did not have an address number listed on the reservation. Many locals we asked tried to help us find it,

Finally at 8 pm the owners of the Apartment texted me the full address! Great! We can now have dinner .

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