Follow Vern, Nancy, Angel, Kathy, and Kasie as we begin the Camino Portugues in Porto, Portugal. We begin our walk to Santiago, Spain, (240 km, 149 mi) on Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

Vern, Nancy, Angel and Kathy will continue from Santiago, walking the Camino Fisterra, (87 km, 54 mi). Please note that there are many spellings for this destination. Fisterra is a busy fishing port on the Atlantic Ocean and in Medieval times was known as “the end of the world”.

After receipt of two Compostelas, (certificates of completion), Vern, Nancy, and Angel will travel to Pamplona and begin walking on the Camino de Santiago, (725 km, 453 mi). The journey continues as we make our way, once again, to Santiago de Compostela.

This is the third Camino for Vern and Nancy and the second for Kathy. We are grateful that our friends and daughter will join us on this incredible journey.

Contact: Our intention is to walk several miles a day, wash our clothes, take care of ourselves, post to our blog….and when possible: check blog comments and emails at: tcbandfan@charter.net

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Lavacolla To Santiago de Compostela

Day Fifty Three. 9.5 K., 6 Mi.

Written on June 21, 2014.

Today is special in so many ways. Yes, we have walked into Santiago de Compostela before this day. Vern and I are now walking in with our daughter who has been with us since April 30th when we first started walking from Porto, Portugal. We have witnessed many transformations in ourselves and in others.
We were walking in at a steady pace when a Pilgrim from South Korea stopped us to let us know that he remembered us from 2012. At that time he had walked with his son, now he walked with his wife. This moment was one of the “treasures” of the Camino for us.
Gregorio, Teresa, Vern, and Nancy.
Vern took a moment to have some fun.
Nancy, Angel, and Vern in front of the Cathedral.
Since 2008 I have explored as many forums, blogs, and Camino websites as I could find. The Camino de Santiago Forum, admin, Ivar Rekve has provided a format for Pilgrims and “soon to be Pilgrims” to obtain inspiration and valuable information regarding many subjects that pertain to the Camino. Ivar also offers a Pilgrim storage service in Santiago. On April 29th Vern, Angel, and I mailed two boxes from Porto, Portugal to Ivar. He emailed me to let me know that he received the boxes. There is a charge for this service. The post office, however, will not store for the length of time that we needed. Check out the Forum and storage information: http://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/
Ivar And Nancy.
Today I saw something that I tried to capture the best I could with a photo. I saw the boots right after a heavy rain….but I knew what I must do.
This photo was taken laying on the ground.

Many bicyclists lined up for their Compostelas.

We saw Dane Johansen's film crew on our way into Santiago. They said that he would be playing inside the Cathedral at 4:00 p.m. This is an opportunity to enjoy his music one more time. The “alcove” where he played was filled to capacity. His father had flown in from Anchorage. It was clear that Dane was filled with emotion.

A Pilgrim who translated for Dane many times and Dane.

Bagpipe music defines, for me, the completion of the Camino. Please check out this short video of what welcomes you into Santiago on the Camino Frances: http://youtu.be/5K8S-vN7gxc

Everyday on the Camino, or not, I am looking for opportunities to have fun. This video shows groups of Pilgrims celebrating and having fun in front of the Cathedral: http://youtu.be/-o4JPAhbGg

Please view and share this wonderful video created by Koala Enarmagnac with his original song/music.


Thank you for reading this blog, sharing it with your friends, your comments, and support!!! Looking for interesting photos, taking the photos, and preparing the stories in my mind helped me during those moments when my body was struggling with one more hill or while trying to stay cool in the middle of a hot day. You are, and have been very much a part of our Camino. Buen Camino!!









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