Abadin To Villalba

Day 37

13.9 Miles, 22.4 K.

Walked On May 29, 2022

Written On May 30, 2022

Vern On The Way To Villalba (Photos By Nancy)
Ancient Cross On The Way
Camino Gate!
Romanesque Religious Way Marker
Nancy Walking Early In The Day (Photos By Rhonda)

We left Abadin and started walking. Shortly before this photo, we paused. Lisa took photos and I put my jacket in my day backpack. Much later I realized that my glasses were missing! Vern and I had just walked down a dark tree lined path. When I told Vern my glasses were missing he immediately started climbing back up the hill to a spot that he remembered seeing me stop at. I followed him. I spoke to two Pilgrims and asked them if they saw my glasses to please put them on the Way Marker at the bottom of the hill.

I also asked Pilgrims from Ireland who I had met the night before to let me know if they see my glasses. We saw them at a bar later. I reported to them that I hadn’t found them. As it seemed that I was not going to find my glasses I was grateful that I had my prescription sunglasses. I am not able to read without my glasses.

Lisa reported to me that she met Pilgrims who have three friends walking tomorrow and they will be looking for my glasses!

When we got to Villalba Vern and I went to the Farmacia. I now have a pair of reading glasses!

Lisa On One Of The Great Paths Today!
Creative Gate!
Rhonda & Lisa’s Daily Selfie In Front Of Whimsical Bales Of Hay
Creative Landscaping (Photos By Lisa)
Rhonda, Vern & Nancy. Nancy Still Has Her Glasses.
Camino Memorial For Benito Graña Otero
Pro Tip #7: Buen Camino App. A Lot Of Information For Many Caminos!

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