Laredo To San Miguelde de Meruelo

Day 12

13 Miles, 20.9 K

Written on May 6, 2022

Ferry To Santoña
Nancy Passing Out Blog Cards to Santoña Locals. Photo by Lisa.
Mariano Gómez-Cambronero, A Best Friend, And Vern
Casona De La Parra, San Maméi De Meruelo, Owned By Mariano and his Daughter, Paula

Today while walking we decided to stop for lunch in Santoña after getting off the ferry. Shortly after eating I started to feel lightheaded and sick to my stomach. I walked until we found a place to call for help. We decided to call the next place where we have a reservation: Casona De La Parra. Paula answered the phone and said she would try to find a Taxi to pick us up. No Taxis were available. She called to let us know that her father, Mariano, would pick us up in fifteen minutes! Great!!!

We had reserved a two bedroom apartment at Casona De La Parra. After settling in we decided to go to the town close by and buy groceries. Once again Mariano helped us out. He was going to town and was glad to take us.

When we returned Rhonda started slicing veggies, fruit and bread. We put the food together and had a great meal. Thanks Rhonda for preparation and clean up!