Colunga To Villaviciosa

Day 23

13 Miles, 20.9 K

Walked & Written On May 15, 2022

A Giant Fish At A Cafe In Vega
A Tiny House On The Way Today
A Sacred Space
Nancy’s Companion
Made It To The Top Of The Ridge
Heart Tree (This Photo and The Next Few Taken By Lisa)
A Church On The Way To Villaviciosa
Beautiful Statue Of Mary
Rhonda’s Passion!
Vern & Rhonda On The Way To Villaviciosa
Color Unlimited
The Way To Casablanca?

Today was a hot, humid walk. Lots of hills and beautiful country side. We are anxious to get to Villaviciosa where we will spend two nights, taking a rest day. We have clothes to wash and plans to make.

Ribadesella To Colunga

Day 22

8.7 Miles, 14.0 K

Walked & Written On 5/14/22

Vern Checking Out Cities, Towns And Villages On A Fence
1 of 7 Paintings On A Home On The Way

2 of 7 Paintings On A Home On The Way

3 of 7 Paintings On A Home On The Way
4 of 7 Paintings On A Home On The Way
5 of 7 Paintings On A Home On The Way
6 of 7 Paintings On A Home On The Way
7 of 7 Paintings On A Home On The Way
A Painting On A Wall On The Way Out Of The Village
Animal Therapy For Vern. (This photo and following photos by Lisa).
Rhonda Just Before A Climb Out Of The Village
Lots And Lots Of Mud Today
Definitely A Cross Roads
Great Art Work In This Part Of Spain
An Unique Way Marker
A Fixer Upper

Today there was a lot to look at and enjoy: the art work, the coast, the hills, the animals and many more Pilgrims. After many miles of walking on the road we decided to take a bus for a couple of miles to our destination. We were ready!

Nueva de Llanes To Ribadesella

Day 21

9.4 Miles, 15.1 K

Walked on May 13, 2022

Written On May 13th

HALF WAY TO SANTIAGO de COMPOSTELA. We had seen a sign on the way to Nueva de Llanes that marked the halfway point to Santiago! We are making progress!

Ready For Breakfast At Hotel Casa de Indianos Don Tomás In Nueva de Llanes. This photo and the next few photos taken by Nancy.
Granddaughter of Don Tomás, Vern and Lisa
An Unique Camino Marker and Vern
A Quiet Chapel On a Dirt Path
An Ornate Electrical Box On The Way to Ribadesella
Simply Elegant
Nancy Leaving The Chapel. Photo by Vern
See Next Photo
Escalera de Colores
Flower Pot People in The Windows. This Photo And The Next Several Photos By Lisa.
Nancy And Vern Taking A Break

Nancy Knocking On Church Door. “Let Me in”
Colorful Homes On The Way To Ribadesella
Stone Resident Marker
Works Of Art Rocks!!
Pilgrim Rock!

The weather was on the cooler side, a chance of rain. A great day for walking and lots of beauty on the way! We planned a shorter day today to take care of body, mind and soul❤️

Llanes To Nueva de Llanes

Day 20

13.8 Miles, 22.3 K

Walked on May 12, 2022

Written on May 12th

Yesterday before reaching Llanes, Lisa and Rhonda stopped by Bufones de Arenillas. Read more about these geysers here:

Rhonda Wearing Her Camino Backpack

I want to mention that for various reasons Vern, Lisa and I have chosen to use a transport service through the Correos (Post Office). This is Rhonda’s first Camino. She has chosen to carry her backpack. It is important to me to emphasize what a huge achievement this is. Not only is walking many miles everyday a challenge, it is more of a challenge with many pounds/kilos on your back. Good job Rhonda!

Was Not Sure What This Meant Until We Turned The Corner
Surfing School!
Memorial With A Burning Candle!
A Banksy Replication In Spain
Nancy And Rhonda Ready For Coffee! (The Above Photo And The Following Photos Taken By Lisa)
Just Chillin’ With My Mom
A Chapel On The Way
A Hórreo. Traditional Storage For Maize Corn.
A One Shoed Pilgrim???
A Lot Of Information Here!
Vern Helping Nancy Get Her Music Set Up For The Last Few Miles Of The Day.
Plenty of hearts for everyone who needs them

Thank you to our followers and thank you to Lisa and Rhonda for doing such a great job finding the next affordable beds everyday! This is an incredible journey, thank you for being a part of it❤️

La Franca To Llanes

Day 19

13.8 Miles, 22.2 K

Walked On Wednesday , May 11, 2022

Written On May 11. 2022

Nancy, Vern, Rhonda, Lisa
Vern, Enjoying His New Knees On The Camino
A Bridge On The Way To Montemar
Time For Animal Therapy
Rhonda’s Animal Therapy! The following photos are all taken by Rhonda.
Lisa And Rhonda on their way to Montemar
This Form Of Recycle is Upcycle
Pure Beauty
Through The Eyes Of Rhonda!
Spain Rental Anyone?

Today was a good walk, overcast weather. Very few resources. Fewer places to stop mean faster arrival time. Montemar is a beautiful city. Let’s Explore!

Prickly ___

Serdio To La Franca

Day 18

8.2 Miles, 13.2 K

Written On May 10, 2022


As we were getting closer to La Franca we saw a Pilgrim walking towards us. I was curious where she was coming from so I asked her. She is walking from Santiago de Compostela to Irun. She started in Santiago due to the crowds of Holy Year. Paulien has walked many Caminos and will continue to do so. Buen Camino Paulien!

The official Holy Year was 2021 but because of Covid it was extended to 2022. Holy Year is determined by the birthday of St. James. If St. James’ July 25th birthday is on a Sunday, that year is declared to be Holy Year.

Creative Way Marker! (Following photos by Lisa)
Rhonda Enjoying All Of Nature!
Seen In Front Of A Bookstore
On The Way To La Franca
A Wonderful Walking Path!
Infinite Variety Of Plants!
Unfortunately Lisa Cannot Send The Smell😍
“Eye Candy”

A Thought: Thank you for following us! We are a team. Lisa and Rhonda take most of the photos. Nancy puts some of the photos into this blog. Lisa & Vern make sure we get to where we think we are going.

Comillas To Serdio

Day 17

14.6 Miles, 23.5 K.

Written on May 10, 2022

Vern, Lisa, and Rhonda Leaving Comillas
Waterway Lock On the Way To Serdio
Break Time For Rhonda On The Way To Serdio
Lisa And Rhonda On A Beautiful Day In Spain
Camino Wisdom
Identification Appreciated😍
Beauty Everywhere
On The Way To Serdio
Vern Moving Along
Lisa Going Up Another Hill

Many times the photos make it appear that the walk may be easy or mostly on level ground. Not true. So far the Camino del Norte has been very mountainous, a lot of ups and downs. Even though the Camino is not a walk in the park it is worth every step. The coastal walk is priceless and the flora and fauna is infinite. An amazing aspect of the Camino to me is I may be barely dragging myself to that night’s bed and in the morning- ready to go!

Buen Camino!

Sanilliana Del Mar To Comillas

Day 16, 2022

17 Miles, 27 K

Written on May 9, 2022

Walking Out Of Santilliana Del Mar (Photo by Lisa)
Embrace It All! (Photo by Rhonda)
On The Way To Comillas
Work Of Art Wall
Entering Comillas

Lisa and Rhonda walked along the ocean today, Vern and I stayed on the roads. A beautiful day for walking. Our destination is the Abba Camillas Golf Apartments. Great 2 bedroom apartment, very reasonable. We will sleep good tonight!

Boó de Piélagos To Santilliana Del Mar

Day 15

14 Miles, 22.5 K

Written on May 7, 2022

On The Way To Santilliana (Photos By Rhonda & Lisa)
Decorative Local Marker
Creative Planter
Yard Gnome?
Nancy & Vern On The Way to Santilliana
Nancy In Santilliana Rapping To A Brother Ali Song

Today started out with a detour to a train station. We happened to read last night that the best way to proceed to Santilliana was with a two minute train ride. We had to bypass the bridge over the river. Other Pilgrims were on the train, as well.

We decided to take the train to Mar, longer than 2 minutes. We went to a bar in Mar. I ordered a coffee with soy milk. When we were ready to leave the owner handed me the soy milk container for no charge! Thanks vern for carrying it!

Santander To Boó de Piélagos

Day 14

10.6 Miles, 17 K

Written on May 7, 2022

“Super Pilgrim” Rhonda On The Way Out Of Santander (Photos By Lisa)
Beautiful Wall On The Way To Boó de Píelagos
Santander Cathedral
Creative Camino Marker

After yesterday’s Magical Mystery Tour Vern and I volunteered to take the backpacks to the next destination to have a rest afternoon. Lisa and Rhonda walked the Camino.