Tapia de Casariego To Ribadeo

Day 33

8.9 Miles, 14.3 K

Walked & Written On May 25, 2022

A Church In Tapia And It Is Open!! (This Photo & The Next Few By Nancy)
Leaving Tapia With An Ocean View
Can’t Sneak Up On Me!
Playa de Penarronda
Popular Surf Spot ⬆️
Water Tower On The Way To Ribadeo
Port Of Ribadeo (Photo By Vern)
Nancy On The way To Ribadeo (Photo By Vern)
Rhonda With Lourdes Who Left Madrid And The “Hamster Wheel”, Lourdes Found A Happy Life In Ribadeo. (This Photo & The Next Few By Lisa)
Chapel Above. A Surf Spot
Nancy & Vern On The Way To Ribadeo
Rhonda Leaving The Penarronda Surf Spot
I Thought We Were Walking
Wisdom In A Bar
Simply Beautiful (This Photo And A Few More By Rhonda)
Flower With A Visitor
Good Job Lisa!!
Otto, Where Is Your Motorcycle?
Camino Art Work!

In yesterday’s posting, Navia to Tapia de Casariego, I started what I am calling Pro Tips. A Camino pro tip is something that we have discovered that gives us comfort or find very useful. Pro Tip #1 yesterday was: How to dry socks and shoes. Pro Tip #2 was: Start your day with your favorite beverage.

Pro Tip #3: Order Your Favorite Food. My Favorite Food In Spain Is Pimientos de Padrón!

Navia To Tapia de Casariego

Day 32

13.4 Miles, 21.6 K

Written & Walked On May 24, 2022

Pro Tip 1: Great Way To Dry Shoes And Socks At The Same Time!
A Statue On The Way Out Of Navia
Most Of The Way Today was Roads.
Camino Water Fountain. (This photo and the next few taken by Lisa)
Beautiful Sitting Area!
Creative Pot Planting.
Vern, Nancy & Rhonda On The Way To Tapia
Way Markers For The French Way & The Camino de Santiago
Near Tapia de Casariego
Camino Team 2022! (Lisa, Vern, Nancy & Rhonda)
Pro Tip 2: This Is How Lisa & Vern Start Their Day! Rhonda Chooses Tea And I Choose Decaf. (This photo and the next few by Rhonda).
We Had To Cross The Tracks Today.
Daily Lisa Surrounded By Flowers Photo!
Not Far From Tapia!

Vern and I want to thank Rhonda and Lisa for all of their hard work and hours put into finding our next beds! It is not an easy task and they do a great job!

Luarca To Navia

Day 31

11.3 Miles, 18.2 K

Walked & Written On May 23, 2022

“Nancy Is On Her Way, She Always Makes It”(Message delivered to Vern Over the past Caminos)
Classic Spanish Home On The Way To Navia
Unique Way Marker
Lisa & Rhonda On The Way To Navia
A Lot Of Beauty Grows Out Of Ruins (This photo and the next few taken by Lisa)
Rhonda Walking Below A Major Highway
A St. James Tribute
A Stormy Sky
One Of Many Churches On The Way
Pilgrim Symbol
The Daily Lisa & Rhonda Selfie (This photo and next photos taken by Rhonda)
Lisa Pointing Out Another Variety Of Beautiful Flowers In Spain
Unusual And Stunning
Nancy & Vern Walking Down A Rock Bed. Vern Wearing His Rain Poncho.

Today was my kind of walking day…..rain! Just enough rain to get wet but not enough to be miserable. This is the first Camino Vern and I have walked with such little rain. When researching the weather conditions in Northern Spain it was always the same forecast: unpredictable! Today smelled fresh and all the colors became more vibrant!

Cadavedo To Luarca

Day 30

11.3 Miles, 18.2 K.

Walked & Written On May 22, 2022

Last night we stayed in Cadavedo at Apartamentos el Oligo. In my opinion, we had a long and hard day of walking. The Apartment was perfect for the four of us. We were able to cook in the kitchen and there was a washing machine! After many days of hand washing it was time for a good machine washing. Our Hosts made sure we had everything we needed…..even a Translator…thanks Sofía for enjoyable conversation all around!

As I was looking through the photos that were taken today I saw something that interested me. While walking Lisa had taken a photo of a Camino Way Marker with a snail on it. Some time later Vern took the same photo!

“Maybe One Day The Snail Will Reach Santiago de Compostela”. Quote & Photo by Lisa.
Vern’s Photo A While Later. Is This Well Documented Data Or Nancy With A Lot Of Time To Think??
139 Miles Left To Santiago de Compostela (Photos By Lisa)
On The Trail Reminder Brought To You By Rhonda & Lisa!
Rhonda Seems To Find A New Variety (To Me) Of Flower Every Day!
First Glimpse Of The Luarca Port (Photo By Vern)
Nancy & Vern In Luarca (Photo By Lisa)

A note to family, friends, supporters, and followers. For you to take time to view, like or comment on our postings means a lot. We love to share our daily walk with you. Many times the content, (photos and descriptions), depends on the level of exhaustion or energy that we may have at the end of the day. You inspire us to take the time to post a daily entry. Thank you for joining us on the Camino del Norte!

Soto de Luiña To Cadavedo

Day 29

15.2 Miles, 24.5 K

Walked & Written On May 21, 2022.

Today we walked up and down along the Coastal Route. Up a steep hillside, down into a canyon, again and again. We then made it to Cadavedo along a road which was not well traveled.

Nancy Was Done With Climbing Up Mountainsides. (Photo By Vern)
Nancy Coming Out Of A Long Dark Tunnel. (Photo By Vern)
Rhonda On The Way To Cadavedo (This photo and the next few by Lisa)
This Is The Way ➡️
“Curb Appeal”
One Of The Nicest Paths Today
Rhonda Found A Kiwi Fruit & Tree In The Forest
A Pilgrim Sacred Space
Vern, Nancy & Lisa Moving Along To Cadavedo. ( Photo by Rhonda)
Vern & Nancy From A Previous Day. Thanks Lisa!

Typical Pilgrim Day For Us:

Walk, Rest Stops, Destination, Shower, Wash Clothes, Possibly Nap, Eat Dinner, Sleep, Repeat.

Muros de Nalón To Soto de Luiña

Day 28

12.6 Miles, 20.3 K

Written, Walked & Transported On May 20, ‘22

Yesterday morning Vern knew that he had moved in such a way that had hurt his back. He proceeded to keep going, doing the best he could. He completed the entire walk of 12.1 Miles. Today he decided to take a recovery day in Soto de Luiña. I proceeded to make an arrangement to get us to Soto de Luiña. It wasn’t long before we were on our way. When we arrived our room was ready! Thank you Apartamentos La Hortona!

Lisa and Rhonda walked the Camino and I saw them when they arrived! The following photos are from their 12.6 Mile walk today:

Lisa In Floral Bliss. (This & The Following Photos By Rhonda)
Any Help In Floral Identification Would Be Appreciated😀
Would not be a walking day without a Rhonda & Lisa Selfie!
Lisa Swinging. Walking And Swinging….What A Day!
An Example Of Rhonda’s Talent For Capturing Life In Real Time
Want To Go For A Walk, Perro?
Where’s Lisa?
On The Way To Soto de Luiña. (This Photo & Following Photos By Lisa)
Description Of Previous Photo⬆️
A Majestic Path
More Than Half Way To Santiago de Compostela
A Happy Flower Pot
A Heart Leaf
This Way, Pilgrims!
Keeping Up With The Fun Theme: Vern & Nancy From A Previous Day. Thanks Lisa!

Salinas To Muros de Nalón

Day 27

12.1 Miles, 19.5 K

Walked & Written On May 19, 2022

Lisa “Riding A Wave” In Salinas! (Photo by Rhonda)
Nancy & Vern’s First Selfie On The Way To Muros de Nalón
Interesting Mural On A Building On The Way (Photo And The Next Several Photos By Rhonda)
Way Markers Come In Many Forms
Rhonda Always On The Lookout For Beauty!
Beauty In Many Forms
Can We Eat These Lisa?
American Pop Culture In Spain
Not Far From Muros de Nalón (Photo By Vern)
Camino Marker In The Sky (This Photo And The Next Few By Lisa)
A Sacred Space
Art On A Roof Tile
Beautiful Pond
All Signs Lead To Santiago!

Today we walked many miles without a Bar for coffee and orange juice or even a Kool-Aid Stand, we walked and walked and finally found a cafe. We all kept walking until we got to our Lodging. We signed up for dinner when we checked in. We were told that dinner would be served at 8:30 pm unless we need to have it earlier. We asked for a 7 pm dinner. By the time we went downstairs for dinner we were hungry! We were the only people in the restaurant and the food was prepared by a very talented Chef. We all seemed to have gotten food that we loved!! A great meal experience and time together.

Gijón To Salinas

Day 26

6.8 Miles, 10.9 K

Walked & Written On May 18, 2022

Storage Hut At Alamar Salinas Surf House, Salinas, Spain
The Backyard At The Surf School
Metal Sculpture Near Salinas Beach
Nicholas Of Alamar Surf House and Rhonda (This Photo And The Next Photos Taken By Lisa)
Rhonda At La Luna Beach Cafe
Andy Irons

Philip Andrew Irons was an American professional surfer. Irons began surfing with his brother Bruce on the shallow and dangerous waves of Kauai, Hawaii, before being spotted by a local surfboard brand and flown to North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, to compete and develop his skill.

Lighthouse In The Distance At Salinas Beach
“Buen Camino“, the Pilgrim Greeting Heard Many Times Per Day
Wow, Rhonda At The End Of The World?

Today we chose to walk fewer miles/kilometers. Lisa and Rhonda walked the Coastal Route. Vern and I walked the Camino Route. We met at our Lodging in Salinas. We are in what I would call a laid back, casual Surf House. David and Nicholas helped us to our rooms and let us know where to find them. We have a partial view of the ocean. It is beautiful here.

Villaviciosa To Gijón

Day 25

9.6 Miles, 15.4 K

Walked & Written on May 17, 2022

On The Way To Gijón
Lisa, Rhonda & Vern Chillin’ With The Sculptures
A Banana Tree (This Photo and a few more by Rhonda)
Unique Place For A Bottle!
More Spanish Art!
Lisa In Gijón
Wall Of Art
A Treat For A Hungry Pilgrim!
Part of Gijón On The Water
Mother And Child? ( Photos by Lisa)
Rhonda Hiding In Plain Sight!
Traditional Gijôn Apartment
At The Water’s Edge
Elogio del Horizonte (Eulogy To The Horizon) Completed in 1990 by Eduardo Chillida

Gijón is a seaport and a multi faceted city with something for everyone. We are enjoying our time here!

Rest Day In Villaviciosa

Day 24

Written On May 16, 2022

Thanks Rhonda For More Beautiful Flowers And Some Photos From Yesterday.
Lisa In A Beautiful Archway
Going The Right Way!
Lisa Celebrating The End Of A Hard Day
We Are Living It Up In Our Own Apartment. Photo by Vern.
A Washer And Dryer Combination In The Kitchen. Photo by Vern

Wow, we need a day off! A good opportunity to take care of any shopping, banking, washing clothes, etc. We have noticed that we are not sometimes joined in elevators. May be time to properly wash our clothes😀 Villaviciosa is a good town to spend a day in. We get on the Camino tomorrow.