Gijón To Salinas

Day 26

6.8 Miles, 10.9 K

Walked & Written On May 18, 2022

Storage Hut At Alamar Salinas Surf House, Salinas, Spain
The Backyard At The Surf School
Metal Sculpture Near Salinas Beach
Nicholas Of Alamar Surf House and Rhonda (This Photo And The Next Photos Taken By Lisa)
Rhonda At La Luna Beach Cafe
Andy Irons

Philip Andrew Irons was an American professional surfer. Irons began surfing with his brother Bruce on the shallow and dangerous waves of Kauai, Hawaii, before being spotted by a local surfboard brand and flown to North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, to compete and develop his skill.

Lighthouse In The Distance At Salinas Beach
“Buen Camino“, the Pilgrim Greeting Heard Many Times Per Day
Wow, Rhonda At The End Of The World?

Today we chose to walk fewer miles/kilometers. Lisa and Rhonda walked the Coastal Route. Vern and I walked the Camino Route. We met at our Lodging in Salinas. We are in what I would call a laid back, casual Surf House. David and Nicholas helped us to our rooms and let us know where to find them. We have a partial view of the ocean. It is beautiful here.

3 thoughts on “Gijón To Salinas

  1. hard to believe its day 26 already. But, I am sure your bodies feel like it is. More great pictures. How many days to go?

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