Salinas To Muros de Nalón

Day 27

12.1 Miles, 19.5 K

Walked & Written On May 19, 2022

Lisa “Riding A Wave” In Salinas! (Photo by Rhonda)
Nancy & Vern’s First Selfie On The Way To Muros de Nalón
Interesting Mural On A Building On The Way (Photo And The Next Several Photos By Rhonda)
Way Markers Come In Many Forms
Rhonda Always On The Lookout For Beauty!
Beauty In Many Forms
Can We Eat These Lisa?
American Pop Culture In Spain
Not Far From Muros de Nalón (Photo By Vern)
Camino Marker In The Sky (This Photo And The Next Few By Lisa)
A Sacred Space
Art On A Roof Tile
Beautiful Pond
All Signs Lead To Santiago!

Today we walked many miles without a Bar for coffee and orange juice or even a Kool-Aid Stand, we walked and walked and finally found a cafe. We all kept walking until we got to our Lodging. We signed up for dinner when we checked in. We were told that dinner would be served at 8:30 pm unless we need to have it earlier. We asked for a 7 pm dinner. By the time we went downstairs for dinner we were hungry! We were the only people in the restaurant and the food was prepared by a very talented Chef. We all seemed to have gotten food that we loved!! A great meal experience and time together.

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