Muros de Nalón To Soto de Luiña

Day 28

12.6 Miles, 20.3 K

Written, Walked & Transported On May 20, ‘22

Yesterday morning Vern knew that he had moved in such a way that had hurt his back. He proceeded to keep going, doing the best he could. He completed the entire walk of 12.1 Miles. Today he decided to take a recovery day in Soto de Luiña. I proceeded to make an arrangement to get us to Soto de Luiña. It wasn’t long before we were on our way. When we arrived our room was ready! Thank you Apartamentos La Hortona!

Lisa and Rhonda walked the Camino and I saw them when they arrived! The following photos are from their 12.6 Mile walk today:

Lisa In Floral Bliss. (This & The Following Photos By Rhonda)
Any Help In Floral Identification Would Be Appreciated😀
Would not be a walking day without a Rhonda & Lisa Selfie!
Lisa Swinging. Walking And Swinging….What A Day!
An Example Of Rhonda’s Talent For Capturing Life In Real Time
Want To Go For A Walk, Perro?
Where’s Lisa?
On The Way To Soto de Luiña. (This Photo & Following Photos By Lisa)
Description Of Previous Photo⬆️
A Majestic Path
More Than Half Way To Santiago de Compostela
A Happy Flower Pot
A Heart Leaf
This Way, Pilgrims!
Keeping Up With The Fun Theme: Vern & Nancy From A Previous Day. Thanks Lisa!

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