Soto de Luiña To Cadavedo

Day 29

15.2 Miles, 24.5 K

Walked & Written On May 21, 2022.

Today we walked up and down along the Coastal Route. Up a steep hillside, down into a canyon, again and again. We then made it to Cadavedo along a road which was not well traveled.

Nancy Was Done With Climbing Up Mountainsides. (Photo By Vern)
Nancy Coming Out Of A Long Dark Tunnel. (Photo By Vern)
Rhonda On The Way To Cadavedo (This photo and the next few by Lisa)
This Is The Way ➡️
“Curb Appeal”
One Of The Nicest Paths Today
Rhonda Found A Kiwi Fruit & Tree In The Forest
A Pilgrim Sacred Space
Vern, Nancy & Lisa Moving Along To Cadavedo. ( Photo by Rhonda)
Vern & Nancy From A Previous Day. Thanks Lisa!

Typical Pilgrim Day For Us:

Walk, Rest Stops, Destination, Shower, Wash Clothes, Possibly Nap, Eat Dinner, Sleep, Repeat.

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