Villalba To Baamonde To Lugo

Day 38

12.9 Miles, 20.8K

Walked On May 30th, Written On May 31, 2022.

Classic Spain On The Way To Baamonde
Fun Yard On The Way
A Stork Nest

Vern and I have been watching for stork nests since we started walking on April 23rd. Lisa saw one the other day. Today we saw one. From our first Camino in 2009 Vern and I have loved seeing the nests! Now that we are walking in Galicia I am sure we will see more of them.

Rock Path To An Ancient Bridge
Ancient Doorway Miracle! (Photos By Lisa)
A Magical Looking Pathway

Compared to more recent walks today’s was enjoyable, beautiful and a walk with moderate ups and downs.

A Camino Tribute And WayMarker
An Ancient Bridge
Another View
Acknowledgement Of Pilgrims Or Scarecrows?
No Day Without A Chapel

Today we planned the walk to Baamonde and then made our way to Lugo for a much needed rest day with the help of local transport.

Pro Tip #8: Aquarius “Sports Drink”. When we started walking different Caminos I carried added weight in the form of supplements and “muscle recovery” products. Sitting down in a bar and having an Aquarius Lemon or Lime takes the place of added weight and is a lot more refreshing!

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