Mondoñedo To Abadin

Day 36

9.3 Miles, 14.9 K

Walked & Written On May 28, 2022

Nancy Ready To Go In Her New Buff Hat (Photo By Rhonda)
Rhonda, Lisa And Nancy In Mondoñedo (Photo By Vern)
Way Marker In Mondoñedo (This photo and the next two by Rhonda)
Lisa Enjoying The Flowers
Leaving Mondoñedo (Photo By Lisa)
Stone Building In The Distance
Beginning Uphill Climb (Photo by Lisa)
Wild Horses
Rhonda & Lisa Made It To The Top!
A Graphic Of The Uphill Climb Today (Thanks Lisa)
A Sign: You Have Made It! (Photo By Vern)

As you can see by the graphic, we did a lot of climbing! It was beautiful scenery and not many breaks. I did not take a break until I met Vern at the top of the mountain. Vern walked with a herd of cows, not far from where the wild horses were running. There are two routes today: The mountain route, hard climb but 3 miles shorter. The second route was longer but flatter.

Pro Tip #6: Be Aware Of Step Ups In Spain Where you Least Expect Them!

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