Lavacolla To Santiago de Compostela

Day 43

6.2 Miles, 10 K

Walked On June 4, 2022

Written On June 5, 2022

Vern Waiting For Me On Our Way To Santiago (Photos By Nancy)

While learning about the Camino de Santiago in 2008 it became clear that Santiago de Compostela, Spain was considered the primary “destination” of the Camino experience. As metaphysical as it may sound, the destination for me is wherever I meet myself. The Camino has a way of showing me what I had just spent my everyday life ignoring with success. The Camino is my opportunity to get quiet, get as real as I ever will, and look deep into what is not working for me. At the same time celebrate who I am, warts and all. This is only a personal assessment of Camino Walks.

More And More Pilgrims By The Minute!
A First Glimpse Of Santiago
An Awesome Statue And An Awesome Guy
This Same Photo Is In My 2014 Blog. It Is The Front Window Of A Veterinarian’s Office. We couldn’t Resist It Again!!
Nancy & Vern Arrived In Santiago!
Another View, Including A “Magic” Sky!
The Very Essence Of Santiago de Compostela Is Art
Santiago de Compostela Cathedral
A Weary Pilgrim Enjoying A Much Needed Rest! (Photo By Vern)
10 Kilometers To Santiago de Compostela! (Photo Taken By Lisa)
Lisa Joining With Other “Pilgrims” On Her Way To Santiago! (Photo Taken By Rhonda)
Rhonda Entering Santiago de Compostela (Photo By Lisa)
Many Pilgrims Have Walked Hundreds Of Miles To Experience The Walk Into Santiago de Compostela, Spain! (This Photo And Several Others By Lisa)
Rhonda And Lisa arrived In Santiago de Compostela!!!
Awesome Photo By Rhonda!
One Of The Many Neighborhood Plazas In Santiago!
Pilgrims Arriving At The Cathedral Plaza
Pro Tip #13: UV Protective Hat.
Pro Tip #14: Waterproof Shoes.

A Note From Nancy: Our 2022 Camino Walk has “ended” but the experience will go on and be processed for a long time. This is the last posting of this specific blog.

I will post a daily photo or photos on Instagram until we arrive home later this month. Instagram: jaminmama

Lugo To Sobrado dos Monxes

Day 40

Written On June 1, 2022

Floor Plan And Description Of The Sobrado Monsstery
A View Of The Sobrado Monastery (Photo And Next One By Nancy)
An Entrance To The Monastery
A Church In Sobrado (Photo And Next Two By Vern)
A Portal To The Monastery
Modern Equipment In Ancient Surroundings
Lisa And Rhonda’s Tour Of Sobrado (This And Several Other Photos By Lisa)
Love The Satellite Dish On The Ancient Building!
Beautiful View Of The Monastery
Many Pilgrim’s Shoes Were Soaked In A Rain Storm Today
Pilgrims’ cloister within the monastery
Another Passage
The Interior Of The Monastery
Monastery Art
Angelic Painting
Early Impressionist?
Majestic Interior
Door to The Cloister of the Medaillons

The Cultural/Rest Time in Lugo is just what we all needed! We are refreshed and ready to go! Thank you to our followers for your support, encouragement and interest in our journey!

Pro Tip #10: Lightweight Trekking Poles/Hiking Sticks

For many of us Pilgrims the trekking poles literally allow us to walk to our destination. Many others do very well without them. For me, the poles have made all the difference. The poles help keep my balance going down steep rock filled trails. Going up hill I can position my poles to help pull me up little by little. I have heard that the movement of the arms in relation to the movement of the legs helps keep inflammation at a minimum.

Keep On Trekking!