Lourenzá To Mondoñedo

Day 35

6.1 Miles, 9.8 K

Walked, Transported And Written On May 27, 2022

Yesterday’s posting included a lot of photos of Lisa and Rhonda. There is one photo of me at the end of the posting. That photo was actually taken before we started walking! The reason for the lack of photos from Vern and I was due to the fact that I was struggling and Vern was my Endurance Coach. Vern helped get me up one mountain after another, and another, four hours of uphill, almost continuous!

If there would have been a Taxi, Bus, Train, Jet Pack or Helicopter I would have been on it waving as hard as I could.

Miraculously after the second break I was able to keep walking and most of the remainder of the almost 17 miles was downhill, level and with one last climb.

To recover I decided to get a taxi to our next destination. Vern went with me and we took all the backpacks with us. I had missed the deadline last night for transport so this was the perfect solution.

Walking To Mondoñedo (Photos By Lisa)
Capela de San Pedro da Torre
Rest Area With Fountain
Beautiful Hedge On The Way to Mondoñedo
The World Through Rhonda’s Eyes (Photos by Rhonda
A Mushroom???
Daily Selfie
Infinite Varieties Of Beauty
Fun Time In The Spanish Countryside!
Pro Tip #5 Loosen Sheets Before Getting In Bed. The Tightness Of The Sheets Can Irritate Sore Feet! This Is Not An Issue In An Alberque Where You Will Use Your Sleeping Bag.

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