Nueva de Llanes To Ribadesella

Day 21

9.4 Miles, 15.1 K

Walked on May 13, 2022

Written On May 13th

HALF WAY TO SANTIAGO de COMPOSTELA. We had seen a sign on the way to Nueva de Llanes that marked the halfway point to Santiago! We are making progress!

Ready For Breakfast At Hotel Casa de Indianos Don Tomás In Nueva de Llanes. This photo and the next few photos taken by Nancy.
Granddaughter of Don Tomás, Vern and Lisa
An Unique Camino Marker and Vern
A Quiet Chapel On a Dirt Path
An Ornate Electrical Box On The Way to Ribadesella
Simply Elegant
Nancy Leaving The Chapel. Photo by Vern
See Next Photo
Escalera de Colores
Flower Pot People in The Windows. This Photo And The Next Several Photos By Lisa.
Nancy And Vern Taking A Break

Nancy Knocking On Church Door. “Let Me in”
Colorful Homes On The Way To Ribadesella
Stone Resident Marker
Works Of Art Rocks!!
Pilgrim Rock!

The weather was on the cooler side, a chance of rain. A great day for walking and lots of beauty on the way! We planned a shorter day today to take care of body, mind and soul❤️

2 thoughts on “Nueva de Llanes To Ribadesella

  1. Thanks for letting me participate.
    Nature hereabouts is beautiful, too. Trees, bushes and flowers of all sorts are in full blossom. We enjoy being outside, whereas farmers here are worrying about the crops – No rain!!
    Have a great time walking and enjoy each other’s company!

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