Llanes To Nueva de Llanes

Day 20

13.8 Miles, 22.3 K

Walked on May 12, 2022

Written on May 12th

Yesterday before reaching Llanes, Lisa and Rhonda stopped by Bufones de Arenillas. Read more about these geysers here: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/bufones-de-arenillas

Rhonda Wearing Her Camino Backpack

I want to mention that for various reasons Vern, Lisa and I have chosen to use a transport service through the Correos (Post Office). This is Rhonda’s first Camino. She has chosen to carry her backpack. It is important to me to emphasize what a huge achievement this is. Not only is walking many miles everyday a challenge, it is more of a challenge with many pounds/kilos on your back. Good job Rhonda!

Was Not Sure What This Meant Until We Turned The Corner
Surfing School!
Memorial With A Burning Candle!
A Banksy Replication In Spain
Nancy And Rhonda Ready For Coffee! (The Above Photo And The Following Photos Taken By Lisa)
Just Chillin’ With My Mom
A Chapel On The Way
A Hórreo. Traditional Storage For Maize Corn.
A One Shoed Pilgrim???
A Lot Of Information Here!
Vern Helping Nancy Get Her Music Set Up For The Last Few Miles Of The Day.
Plenty of hearts for everyone who needs them

Thank you to our followers and thank you to Lisa and Rhonda for doing such a great job finding the next affordable beds everyday! This is an incredible journey, thank you for being a part of it❤️

2 thoughts on “Llanes To Nueva de Llanes

  1. Bravo vous avancez bien, j’espère que tout va bien, les pieds, les jambes etc…. Merci pour ces jolies photos. Buon camino. Bises

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