Serdio To La Franca

Day 18

8.2 Miles, 13.2 K

Written On May 10, 2022


As we were getting closer to La Franca we saw a Pilgrim walking towards us. I was curious where she was coming from so I asked her. She is walking from Santiago de Compostela to Irun. She started in Santiago due to the crowds of Holy Year. Paulien has walked many Caminos and will continue to do so. Buen Camino Paulien!

The official Holy Year was 2021 but because of Covid it was extended to 2022. Holy Year is determined by the birthday of St. James. If St. James’ July 25th birthday is on a Sunday, that year is declared to be Holy Year.

Creative Way Marker! (Following photos by Lisa)
Rhonda Enjoying All Of Nature!
Seen In Front Of A Bookstore
On The Way To La Franca
A Wonderful Walking Path!
Infinite Variety Of Plants!
Unfortunately Lisa Cannot Send The Smell😍
“Eye Candy”

A Thought: Thank you for following us! We are a team. Lisa and Rhonda take most of the photos. Nancy puts some of the photos into this blog. Lisa & Vern make sure we get to where we think we are going.

2 thoughts on “Serdio To La Franca

  1. It is every day a great present for me to read your ecperiebce. Go on, please!
    Sometimes I feel to accompany you!

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