Santurce To Castro Urdiales

Day 10

12 Miles, 19.3 K

Written on May 4, 2022

Near Abanto Y Ciérvana
On The Way to Castro Urdiales
Great Colors For Side By Side Homes
Walking Toward The Coast
Rhonda At The Happy Cow Mural (One of the many photos taken here)
Lisa On A Beautiful Coastal Spain Walk
Taking A Break

Today was a long walk with few resources.. As we walked closer and closer to Castro Urdiales it seemed that we were not making much progress. We finally came to a small village. Nancy and Vern were considering a travel option when we saw a man in his front yard. At that moment his wife came home. They spoke together about any options we may have. They had looked at the bus schedule on their phones. When we asked them when the bus would arrive. They said NOW, BY THE CHURCH! The church was uphill and seemed like a half of a city block. We got there just in time. Vern was paying for the four of us. I was still struggling to find my mask so I could get on the bus! A short time later we were at Castro Urdiales, a bigger city than I expected.

CORRECTION: on the Bilbao To Santurce, Day 9 posting I had a photo of a large stuffed animal perched in a tree and called it an Ewok. It is not an Ewok but a Gremlin from the Gremlins Movie. Thank you Angel! She knows I need help editing and appreciate another set of eyes on the blog content.

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