Etxebarria To Garai, Bizkaia

Day 6

Rest Day In Garai

Written on April 28, 2022

Local information, Garai

A few days ago we made a reservation for rooms we thought were on the Camino del Norte. When we started looking at the exact mileage from Etxebarria we realized we would be 30k from the Camino and far into the mountains. At that point our choice was to cancel and lose the cost of the room or take transportation and enjoy a day off in the mountains. We made the right choice for us.

Beautiful Countryside
Simple and Elegant, photo by Lisa
Local Beauty Captured by Rhonda
Nancy And Vern Ready For Lunch
Rest Time For Lisa
Great Message From Rhonda!

We continue onward tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Etxebarria To Garai, Bizkaia

  1. Coucou, il est bon de temps en temps de prendre le temps et de s’octroyer du repos. Bonne continuation. Amicalement

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