Agroturismo Erlete Goika To Etxebarria

Day 5

9.4 miles, 15.1 k

Written on April 27, 2022

Lisa On The Way To Etxebarria
Rhonda Enjoying A Mountain Hike
A Place To Reflect On Love And Blessings
Lucas In Deba, Spain

As we walked from our Hostal this morning it was lightly raining. We walked up many hills and a mountain today. Deba is a city that had many resources and we stopped in at a bar/cafe with something for all of us.

Simon Pierangelo Restaurante Azkenetxe

Walking further up another mountain we were hungry and stopped at Restaurante Azkenetxe, Alto Del Calvario 1, 20830 Mutriku, Gipuzkoa.

An Italian Restaurant on a Spanish mountain! We could not wait to order and start having our lunch. The Chef and Manager were kind and professional. The food was beyond what we could have wished for!

When we were done eating we checked our mileage and distance to the next Hostal…..too many miles/kilometers! We asked the manager to call a cab. He came back to tell us – no cabs. As we were putting together a plan he opened the trunk of his car and motioned for us to put our backpacks in! We then got in his car. He wanted to look at the address where we were going and put it in Google Maps. We were on our way. The music was Italian and all I knew was that I was overwhelmed with gratitude.❤️

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