Garai, Biskaia To Bilbao

Day 7

Travel Day

Written on April 30, 2022

Garai may have been a distance from the Camino but it was a good place for us. We had a relaxing time there.

During our trip back to the Camino I sat next to a gentleman who wanted to speak English with me. his name is Pedro Gorogarri. Pedro played Jai Alai for many years and traveled the world, including locations in the United States and Mexico.

Pedro Gorogarri
Elaborate Way To Hold Up A Patio in Bilbao! Photo by Rhonda
Great Photo Of Rhonda Taken By Lisa.
Great Photo of Lisa Taken By Rhonda

Thanks to Vern we are in an excellent area of Bilbao. We opened the front door and walked a few feet to a Vegan Friendly Bar and Restaurant……a few more feet and we had dinner in an all Vegan Restaurant. WAIT FOR IT:

Nancy Traveling To Heaven Via A Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie.

3 thoughts on “Garai, Biskaia To Bilbao

  1. “… wait for it. ” oh man do we miss that face! Playing a little Tommy Castro in your honor this Tuesday on KFUG. Want to recap your trip on my show when you get back?! Love you!

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