Sobrado dos Monxes To Arzúa

Day 41

13.6 Mi, 21.9 K. Nancy walked 7.6 Mi, 12.2 k

Walked On June 2, 2022

Written On June 3, 2022

On April 4th my Doctor gave me a cortisone shot for Tendonitis. He said it would give me pain relief for approximately two months. It stopped working 2 days ago.

The less relief, the more pain. Today my mileage is different from Vern’s because I stopped at a Bar and asked if they could call a Taxi. A Taxi was there within five minutes and I was on my way to Arzúa. I went to the Farmacia and bought a cream for Tendonitis and an oral medication. When I went to my room I fell asleep.

On The Way To Arzúa (Photos By Vern)
A Chapel On The Way To Arzúa
Beautiful Landscaped Property
Rustic Lawnmower
Lisa On Her Way (Photo By Rhonda)
Roman Milestone Found In Boimorto In 1981 (Photos By Lisa)
In Boimorto
Clever Planters
Arrived In Arzúa And Heard Buen Camino More Times Than We Had In Six Weeks!
Arzúa Camino Way Marker
Wisdom On Coffee Cup: “Why Not Today?”
Pro Tip 11: Always Have Some Toilet Paper In Your Pocket. Explanation Not Needed!