Cultural And Rest Day In Lugo

Day 39

Written On May 31, 2022

Roman Walls Of Lugo (Photos By Nancy)

Roman Walls Of Lugo Made UNESCO’S World Heritage List In 2000. Please Learn More About The Most Intact Roman Walls In The World!

Lisa On The Roman Wall. Behind Her Is The Old City Inside The Wall
View Of The Cathedral Towers
View Of Vern Taking A Photo While I’m Taking His Photo
Art By Diego AS Graffitti
Head Statues In Lugo
A Great Look At The Wall In Relation To The Buildings (Photos By Vern)
One Of The Few Ways To Access The Wall
Another View Of The Wall
Lisa In Front Of The UNESCO Designation Marker
A Closer View Of The Marker
Inside Saint Mary’s Cathedral (Better known as Lugo Cathedral)
A Chapel Inside The Cathedral
Nancy And Vern On The Roman Wall (This Photo And Several Others By Lisa)
Lugo Cathedral
Beautiful Photo Of Lugo!
A Street Inside The Wall
Inside The Cathedral
Sacred Tribute And Art
Lugo Art Work!
Impressive Fountain!
A Great Example Of Lisa’s Talent For Finding Unique And Memorable Photos!
A Port Through The Wall
Thriumphal Arch Sculpture
Pro Tip #9: This tip comes from Rhonda and Lisa who successfully dried their hand washed clothes with a hair dryer. Good job!