A Small World?

Nancy, Vern & Helen

Photo taken April 14, 2022

Vern and I drove two hours from our home to Medford, Oregon. We were going to stay in a motel and take an early morning flight to Barcelona, Spain. As we were coming out of the R.E.I. store we saw our good friend, Helen! Helen lives two and a half hours from the store. It was fun to see each other and a good way to start our trip.

4 thoughts on “A Small World?

  1. Great photo. So, you’re on your way. 🎉 I landed in Madrid just 8 hours ago. Soooo near and yet soooooo far. Happy landings you two, and safe wanderings. Really looking forward to reading all about it. Working up the energy and enthusiasm to write mine… Viva Espana! 🤗❤️👣🤗❤️👣 Merle

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  2. It is indeed a small world and we know there are NO accidents. It was so wild to see you two come out of REI and then share a wonderful time eating dinner and visiting with you before you started this AMAZING journey. HAPPY TRAILS you lucky world travelers!!!

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