Intention, Set, Go!

Walking In Spain is Possible, Flying to Spain is Optimal

Vern, I and Lisa had set the intention years ago to walk the Camino del Norte. We had originally talked about walking from Germany, starting point to Santiago de Compostela would be approximately 1,700 miles. Vern and I decided that the four months required would be too much time from Charlie and Rosie, our Cocker Spaniels. We then agreed that Irun, Spain (on the French/Spanish border) would be a great place to meet and start.

Setting the intention was the easy part. Now we would take care of whatever is needed to get to Irun, sometime in 2022. The list of events and practical steps to prepare for an approximately 580 mile walk is ever-changing, not to mention world events, personal, physical events, known and unknown. It has been a strange path. Every time something had to be dealt with like Vern’s knee replacements, we never gave up our intention. We knew it would be ok and we would carry on. In March 2020 during the initial Shelter In Place orders it was unclear what the future would hold but I never doubted that everything would be sorted by 2022. We had chosen 2022 years ago because 2021 was a scheduled Holy Year in Spain. (The July 25th birth of St. James on a Sunday initiates Holy Year). Due to the Lock Down in 2020, 2022 is now also a Holy Year. I have heard many times that when the intention is set, the Camino has begun. Another belief is: Life Is What Happens When You Are Making Plans!!

4 thoughts on “Intention, Set, Go!

  1. Hi intrepid travellers! I’m so happy to see you’re ‘back on the road again..’ 🎼(REO Speedwagon) I’m in the UK catching up with family before flying to Madrid on Easter Monday and then getting to Estella to walk that middle section of the Frances to Ponferrada. Then I’ll jump to Porto en route to SDC. Perhaps this 5th attempt will finally come to fruition! I believe it’s pretty cold in Spain so stay safe and cosy. So looking forward to your adventures. Big hugs, Merle ❤️🤗👣🤗❤️👣

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    • So cool to have you pop up on my phone! We will be in Barcelona on Easter Monday. Will be the closest geographically that we will be in years! This is exciting. Vern just found the photo of you and I skipping through the corn field. We think of you often. Buen Camino

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