Arzúa To Lavacolla

Day 42

17 Miles, 27.4 K.

Walked On June 3, 2022

Written On June 4, 2022

Yesterday was a half day of self care for me. Today is a full day of self care for me. As soon as I arrived at my destination I asked about getting a massage. Within two hours I was getting a massage in my room! The masseuse had great online reviews and they were not lying! Vern, Lisa and Rhonda will walk to Lavacolla.

Bar/Pilgrim Rest On The Way To Lavacolla (Photos By Vern)
Bottles, Bottles And More Bottles!
On The Way To Lavacolla
Rhonda And Mary (Photos By Lisa)

Mary Anne from Greenville, South Carolina started with a group of five in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France. They started the same day as us, April 23rd.

Memorial On The Way To Lavacolla
Pilgrims Disappearing In The Fog
At Least 300 Pilgrims Passed Us Today!
A Lot Of Pilgrim Memories!
Waited Some Time To Have A photo Of Just The Path!
Pilgrim from Chile Protesting War
Same Pilgrim Wrote War On The Stop Sign. A Pilgrim Definitely With A Cause!
Shoes Left behind
Pro Tip #12: Ibuprofeno Gel, (Ibuprofen Gel), available without a prescription in Spain. A miracle for shin splits, sore feet, etc. Highly recommended!

1 thought on “Arzúa To Lavacolla

  1. I am enjoying your journey and photos. Hubby and I are vacationing in Durango Colorado this week. Understand how so many shoes are left behind on this pilgrimage walk.

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