Barbadelo to Portamarin

Day Seventy Three. 13.0 Miles, 21.0 Kilometers.

Written on July 1, 2012.

It was a misty morning with low fog. Our first break was with Pam from Colorado. Pam found a bar/cafe that served fruit, yogurt, fresh pastries, and great coffee! She saw us as we began to pass by. She let us know that the cafe was open.

We are now nearing the 100 Kilometer marker on the Camino de Santiago. A Pilgrim is entitled to a Compostela for walking 100 Kilometers. Two stamps a day are needed on a Pilgrim passport once you pass Sarria. Sarria is the closest town on the Camino to the 100 Kilometer point. Many pilgrims arrive in Sarria to begin their walk to Santiago.

The 100 K. marker.

After walking for awhile there was a pilgrim rest. On the sign above the rest all that was requested is, “Please leave this area clean like you found it”. It means a lot to find a sheltered place to sit.

Pilgrim rest.

To arrive in Portamarin you must cross a bridge, climb many stairs, and enter under an arch. It is a wonderful town elevated above a river.

The Arch at Portamarin.

At first it seemed as if there was a party already starting in honor of the World Cup that Spain is in tonight with Italy. After watching for awhile I realized that the procession was coming from the church.

Procession walking on a “carpet” of plants.

As soon as we arrived we did our shopping for the next day and took a nap. We packed our backpacks and wanted to be ready to go. We went downstairs to the restaurant to eat dinner. We found a good spot to watch the game when it started at 8:45 p.m. Soon we saw people that we know: Tom, Kat, Shaunna, Louis, Kim, and Scott. There was a bar and a restaurant area, the bar filled up quickly. We watched the entire futbol (soccer) game…Spain won 4 – 0! It was a fun time. I found myself really getting into it and happy that Spain won. Everyone was excited. It was exciting for most pilgrims from all over the world to help Spain celebrate their victory.

Spain, World Cup Champions.