Gonzar to Palas de Rei

Day Forty Nine. 18.5 K., 11.5 Mi.

Written on June 17, 2014.

A few days ago we met Dai at an Albergue in El Acebo. He recently emailed a photo that he had taken of us.

Vern, Angel, and Nancy.

When Pilgrims began to leave the Albergue I was wide awake. I decided to get up and get ready while Vern and Angel were sleeping. When I was ready to go I realized that they were still sleeping. I let Vern know that I was leaving and started walking.

A contrast of new and old.

Some form of a Palloza.

I stopped to take a break in a village and saw Vern and Angel walking so I called out to them. As soon as they arrived Vern told me that he had found money in the bathroom at the last Albergue. Soon after he told me the story two sisters who we had met the night before arrived. They started to tell us that their sister and Mother were behind them. The sister discovered that she had lost her money and went back to the Albergue for a possible 4k. detour. Vern asked them how much money…they said 15 or 20 euros. He had found 20 euros. He handed them a 20 euro bill. They immediately texted their sister. All we could say is, “That's the Camino”!

Pilgrims walking into Palas de Rei.


Cacabelos to O’Cebreiro

Day Seventy. 24.2 Miles, 39 Kilometers.

Written on June 28, 2012.

It wasn't very long after we left Cacabelos that we saw a Pilgrim walking toward us. His name is Francisco. He began his walk from Rome, Italy, walked to Santiago, Spain and is now walking back to Rome. I checked the mileage on google maps: 2,889 Miles, 4,660 Kilometers total round trip.

Francisco from Italy.

Sculptures on the way to Villafranca Del Bierzo.

It is not unusual to see a yard full of farm equipment in an area where crops are being grown. What is unusual to see is a yard with works of art in front of an art studio in farm country.

Finally!! I have a photo of the famous “Pilgrim Dog”. We have heard about him for several weeks. The estimate from many Pilgrims is that the dog has walked over 300 Kilometers. He seems to follow one or two persons at a time, then without warning chooses someone else to follow…..or maybe he is leading!


For a few days now he has been following a couple from Finland.

O'Cebreiro is a magical place. We wanted to stay here tonight so we kept walking until we reached this beautiful village at the “Galician Gateway”. We began walking this morning at 6:15 a.m. And arrived at 8:30 p.m.

Monks in front of the O'Cebreiro Iglesia.

A Galician palloza.

A traditional structure of this area built in the round with a straw roof.

As we entered O'Cebreiro we were greeted by Pilgrims, local residents and two monks!