Gite l’Escole, Montbonnet

Shown is: Yannick, Evelyne, Aloin, and Jean-Michel of Gite l’Escole

Written on April 21, 2012.

After we settled into the Gite, (hostel), we took care of necessities. A routine of: hand wash clothes that I wore, hang out the clothes, and take a shower. A nap is something that I usually try to avoid, but on the Camino it is an essential part of my day. Soon three more Pilgrims, (Pelerins in France), arrived at the Gite. We soon met and spoke with each other the best that we could. Yannick, Evelyne, and Aloin settled in and soon it was time for dinner. Jean-Michel and his wife prepared a wonderful meal of roasted chicken, noodles, salad, bread, cheese, etc. we enjoyed ourselves and the meal was just what we needed! When Jean-Michel came back to retrieve the leftovers, the fun began! There were conversations going on in French and English. We all did the best we could to understand what was being said….hand gestures helped a lot. Jean-Michel sang the Pelerin song, (Ulteria). When I took out my iPad to show everyone my blog Jean-Michel put his arm around me and waved bye bye to Vern. We all laughed and knew that it was not the only time that Yannick, Evelyne, Aloin, Vern and I would be together. It was a wonderful first evening on the Camino (Chemin). For me, there is a richness to an experience where words are not free-flowing.