Belorado to San Juan de Ortega

Day Twenty Eight. 26.6 K., 16.5 Mi.

Written on May 27, 2014.

The above distances are what Vern and Angel walked. When I woke up at the Albergue I was not feeling well. At breakfast all I felt like having was tea. Thanks Angel for bringing it to my bed! I started walking with every intention of getting to San Juan de Ortega.

An ancient Hermitage on the way to Villafranca de Oca.

Vern and Angel were already in Villafranca de Oca taking a break with Sonja and Izzy when I arrived. By this time I was not feeling much better. Several people started telling me that Sonja, Izzy, and Monica, among others, were going to take the bus. Angel and Vern suggested that I follow them to the bus stop and go ahead to San Juan de Ortega to take care of myself. As I was walking up the road toward the bus stop I became sick on the side of the road….thanks Sonja, Izzy, and everyone who helped me at that moment!

When the bus arrived Monica was speaking to the driver. Monica lives in Guatemala and speaks fluent Spanish. She told me that the bus does not go to San Juan de Ortega but somewhere in between there and the next Camino village.

I sat back and was very grateful that I would be getting off the bus with Monica….not really sure where that would be. When the bus stopped only Monica and I got off, everyone else was going to Burgos. We were not even in a village, we were left in front of a few structures. Monica listened carefully and heard voices. She walked toward a couple unloading their car. She spoke with them for a few minutes with a lot of pointing and and head nodding. I heard them say that there were no taxis in the area and no way to get to Ages, the closest village to them. San Juan de Ortega was at least 7K from them, Ages only 2K. I just said to myself, “I am safe and I'm with Monica”. The woman motioned for us to follow her. She pointed down a dirt road in the middle of fields. Monica and I walked at least a mile until we reached Ages.

Ages, Spain.

A church on a hill on the way to Ages.
When we reached the Albergue in Ages Monica got in line to check into the Albergue. She decided to stay there. I was still comtemplating how I was going to get to San Juan de Ortega. I had the phone number for the Casa Rural that we had reservations at. Monica was kind enough to speak to the owner when he answered. Within ten minutes I had a ride to San Juan de Ortega. Today I walked 9.4 miles.
An Angel named Monica!



“Rest” Day in Rabanal Del Camino

Day Sixty Seven.

Written on June 25, 2012.

Last night we prepared to start walking at 6:00 a.m. just like we do every morning. Water bottles and water bladder full, clothes are layed out. Our food is ready for tomorrow and we have done everything we can so that we don’t make noise in the morning.

At 1:00 a.m. I woke up. I definitely was not feeling well and went into the bathroom. It was obvious that I was sick. I will not go into details here but I was in and out of bed all night. I actually went online to see if I could figure out what was happening and then how to treat the symptoms. The best I could figure out is that one of my heart medicines was making me sick because of all of the exposure to the sun.

In the morning we contacted the owners of the Casa Rural to see if we could stay another night. Vern went downstairs to talk with the owners. They gave him tonic water with fresh squeezed lemon and tea for me. Vern went to the market and bought some crackers without much flavor.

I slept on and off for 12 hours! After a few hours I was feeling much better.

For dinner they prepared a salad and plain rice for me and a wonderful meal of paella for Vern. I am so grateful to be in this Casa Rural when I was sick. They treated me so well.

Miriam, Vern, Me, and Manuel.

Cruz de Ferro Casa Rural in Rabanal Del Camino.

Thank you Vern for taking such good care of me…I am really grateful!

Terradillos de Templarios to Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos

Day Sixty One. 16.7 Miles, 26.9 Kilometers.

Written on June 19, 2012.

The Albergue served breakfast. We were out the door by 6:30 a.m. As I was walking along I started thinking about Labyrinths. I told Vern that, for some reason, I was thinking about Labyrinths. Vern saw Louis ahead of us on the path and said, “There is Louis by a Labyrinth with some wisdom about them”. When we arrived where Louis had been standing it was incredible…there was a Labyrinth! Louis had moved on. Vern and I did not know there was a Labyrinth there…what a great way to start a long distance walk!

A Labyrinth on the Camino de Santiago.

Another magical moment for me is when we arrived at a small village…Moratinos. “Hobbit” houses!

An example of one of the earth houses.

After walking for eight miles we came into Sahagun, a large city. We were ready for a cafe con leche, (coffee with milk) and settled in at a cafe. We had not seen Heaelim, Sophia, and Katrina in a few days and we were all glad to see each other.

Heaelim, Sophia, Louis, Katrina, Nancy and Vern.

A part of the path today was 5.7 miles on an ancient Roman road. There were two ways to go today: the Roman road, recommended in our book, and the other way shown as the alternate route. Just after Sahagun we met Barbara and her son, Jordan. We had heard about Barbara and Jordan from many people because they are from the U.S……Austin, Texas.

Not far after Calzada de Coto we saw Barbara and Jordan again. At this point I realized that most Pilgrims were taking the alternate route. There were a few of us that were walking the Roman road.

There was very little shade and one rest area.

Vern checking his feet at the rest area.

By the time we arrived in Calzadilla we were ready for some rest and relaxation. We went to the right place, Casa el Cura…a wonderful Casa Rural. The food was excellent, laundry service, and a great atmosphere. We are grateful for the opportunity to renew and re-energize.

Gemma, Vern, Leo, and Nancy.

Gemma and Leo, owners of Casa el Curo in Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos.