Carrion de los Condes To Terradillos de los Templarios

Day Thirty Five. 27.8 K., 17.3 Mi. (my pedometer).

Written on June 3, 2014.

We stayed at Hostal Santiago in Carrion de los Condes. It was a beautiful room and we received great service! In the morning as we were leaving we noticed that the way out was through the bar and not through the gate. If you love your coffee in the morning like Vern and Angel this works well.

Today we are walking on the Calzada Romana, also known as the Calzada de los Peregrinos.

Most of the walk today is on the Calzada Romana.

From the first moment we started walking on April 30th Angel has been helping people from all over the world. She will observe something out of place or that needs adjustment on their backpacks. She is good about sensing whether the time or place is appropriate to approach the Pilgrim. She has helped many people! Today she received a kiss for her efforts.

Angel checking the adjustments to a Pilgrim's backpack.

Yesterday I heard someone walking away from Angel saying very loudly, “perfect, perfect”!

Today Chris asked me if I had seen the couple on bicycles who just got married. My first thought was, “this is pretty cool, people know that I'm writing a blog and now are giving me tips”!

Newlyweds' bicycles.

The newly weds, Jesus and Natalia, as they rode by me.

My favorite waymarker on the Camino!


Maia To Vilarinho

Day Two. 7.8 K, 4.8 Mi.

Written on May 1, 2014.

Today we saw our first Pilgrims walking past us during a break…..great feeling to know we are on the right path.

Shortly after that many bicyclists rode past.

A beautiful flower on the side of the road. The distance between the grass and the white line is where we walked for many miles today.

I love this sign! Plus it showed us how close we were getting to Vilarinho.

Casa Laura in Vilarinho. Just what we needed! We are so grateful to be here.


Leon to San Martin del Camino

Day Sixty Four. 16.1 Miles, 26 Kilometers.

Written on June 22, 2012.

Last night before bed we walked to find the best way to get to the Camino from our room. This morning we went right to it. Cities seem to be the most difficult to stay on the Camino due to roundabouts, and parked cars in front of clamshells/yellow arrows. It wasn’t long before we were in front of the Parador in Plaza San Marcos. During the 12th century it became the headquarters of the Knights of the Order of Santiago which was formed to protect the Pilgrim Way. It is now a luxury hotel.

Early morning photo of The Parador.

A sculpture and Vern in front of The Parador.

We enjoyed Plaza San Marcos and then started our walk through the suburbs of Leon. We were many miles from Leon when I saw Dieter from Belgium. It is not easy for a bicyclist to recognize a walker so I yelled his name.

Dieter on his way to Santiago.

Vern and I had decided to walk to Villadangos Del Parmo. Once there we would decide to go further or not. We were at a bar taking a much needed break when Kim and Scott from California joined us. Kim is Scott’s Mom. They were also deciding where to go next. We all wanted to go further so we decided to call ahead. When the owner answered she gave the phone to Nadia, a Pilgrim from Quebec, Canada who speaks perfect English. We made the arrangements and walked together to San Martin del Camino.

Nadia and her Mother making tea for many of us.

Puente Villarente to Leon

Day Sixty Three. 8.4 Miles, 13.5 Kilometers.

Written on June 21, 2012.

The Albergue in Puente Villarente offered breakfast at 6:30 am. We had breakfast then left at 7:00 a.m. We are seeing many pilgrims from the Albergue..they are passing us…then we see the bicyclists that we had dinner with. It is good to know a few bicyclists. It is not usual to get to know anyone on bicycles…they can go at least 60 kilometers per day while we usually walk 21 to 24 Kilometers per day.

Vern and I walked into Leon with Adele and Kim. It was a short, fun walk this morning. Adele and Kim went to the Albergue. Vern and I went to the Post Office to pick up the last mailing of supplements. We are staying at a room near the Post Office.

There is a lot to see in Leon. We started looking around right away.

13th Century Gothic Cathedral.

As soon as we walked into Old Town Leon we started seeing many people that we know.

Me, Vern, Shawna, Brigitte, and of course, Louis.

We had a great time exploring Leon. It seemed that any street we walked down was hiding a Plaza just around the corner. Dieter, a bicyclist from Belgium took us to a hidden plaza. We had dinner in a wonderful restaurant. There were very few non-residents in the plaza.

A way marker in Leon.

Three guys in Leon with a great vantage point.

As I was taking a photo of the footprint way marker I turned around to see these guys. Another photo just waiting to be taken!

Villalcazar de Sirga to Terradillos de Templarios

Day Sixty. 20.5 Miles, 33.1 Kilometers. Total Miles Walked to Date: 722.8, Total Kilometers: 1,162.1.

Written on June 18, 2012.

We didn’t realize it last night, but on the way to our room we saw the group of young people from Pennsylvania in Villalcazar de Sirga. We had been hearing about this group for many days. The story is that they had arrived in Spain with very limited funds and are making their way to Santiago by earning money performing. They are said to be juggling and playing music. Everyone who has seen them say they are very good. I saw many young people go by on bicycles on our way to Terradillos de Templarios. I realized that these bicyclists do not have any kind of matching outfits or tight pants. They are not colorful and seem to be very tired. I asked one of them as they rode by if they were from Pennsylvania and they said, “yes”. I yelled back, “Please put it on YouTube so we can see your “act”! This is another great example of the communication and information that is given and received on the Camino.

A mural on a church in Carrion De Los Condes.

We are passing through Carrion De Los Condes. We walk in with Julah from Hungary and see Orla from Ireland in front of a cafe. It is time for Vern’s coffee so we sit for a few minutes and then prepare to move on.

Fuente Del Hospitalejo.

A few hours of walking have gone by in the Plains. The weather is overcast and perfect for walking in an area with little shade. We notice that there is a van in the distance ahead and Pilgrims are gathered around it. There are picnic tables and a lot of shade!

Mairead, (standing) with the group from France.

Not far from Hospitalejo we saw Orla and Mairead. They are at the rest area with a group of four from France. Mairead tells the group that she has the lyrics to Ultreia, a Pilgrim song. Before I knew what was going on they started singing…I quickly took the video shown above.

Roncesvalles to Zubiri

Day Forty Three. 13.6 Miles, 21.9 Kilometers.

Written on June 1, 2012.

We slept in the original medieval hostel, Itzandegia. There are 55 bunkbeds in one room, sleeping 110 people. There is a newer, modern facility that was full when we arrived.

The middle row of bunkbeds at the medieval hostel in Roncesvalles.

The lights went on at 6 a.m. Everyone started to get ready to leave. A woman was drying her clothes with a hairdryer. The downstairs area where clothes were hanging was damp.

Me standing at a sign near the hostel showing the kilometers to Santiago, Spain.

1-1/2 miles down the road we found a cafe open. We had coffe and ordered two sandwiches. There are many Pilgrims leaving Roncesvalles. Most Pilgrims have walked from St. Jean Pied-de-Port. We met a couple who left their home in Paris and started walking on April 2nd.

A group of bicyclists from Italy.

Vern on his way over “stepping stones”.