Montreal-du-Gers to La Hargue

Day Thirty Two. 16 Miles, 26 Kilometers.

Written on May 21, 2012.

Walking out of Montreal-du-Gers seemed easy enough. The familiar red/white markings were evident. The path was pleasant and then turned onto what is referred to as a minor road. We were keeping up a pretty good pace then….where are the markers?….where are the Pilgrims? There weren’t any identifiers like road numbers, names of villages or even a name of a house. It took us awhile in France to realize that what looks like the name of a village that you are approaching may be nothing more than the name of a house or a cluster of homes. We walked to an intersection and pulled out the road map. We were not on the Chemin…we were about 4 k away. We found the direction we needed to go and started walking. We finally got to the Chemin.

After a short time on the Chemin we found shelter at a chapel. It had been raining the entire time we left Montreal. As we were taking our break we were visiting with a woman and perhaps her daughter when all of a sudden we saw a pilgrim fall, and start sliding down a mud embankment on her back with the backpack acting as some sort of sled. She quickly found her footing and jumped up. Vern had started to run over to her. A few minutes later we met the woman and her companion. They are John and Jennifer from the U.S. Wow…two more Americans. That now makes the total of Americans we have met since April 20… 5. Jennifer and John both speak fluent French. It was good to meet them, we had heard of them from John Tucker from Canada.

Pictured: Jennifer and John from the U.S.

We all continued on in the direction of Eauze. When we arrived we found a market that was open. Vern went in to get a few things. We were planning on just walking through town and continue on to La Hargue to the farm Gite where we will stay tonight. A few blocks away we saw Luis, Carmen and their friends,…we haven’t see them since Lauzerte. They were staying in Eauze and we were moving on. Another couple of blocks and we saw what we refer to as the group of six, a group of six French friends who are walking and live in Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France. We mainly communicate with smiles and good wishes. We told them the best we could that we had gotten lost. They indicated that they had, too, and at the same place. Later in the evening we heard that a woman had also gotten lost at the same place but instead of moving parallel with the Chemin she actually ended up walking back to Montreal where she started.

Pictured: Dominique, Jean, Vern, Roger, Alain, Monique, and Denise.