Rest Day In Astorga.

Day Forty Two.

Written on June 10, 2014.

Late yesterday we decided to take a day off today. We have decided to “re-group” and explore Astorga. The first person we saw was Russell from the U.K. It was great to hear guitar music first thing in the morning.

Russell, a Pilgrim from the U.K.

There was a large open air market today. There was merchandise, fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, meat and fish.

A volunteer for the Red Cross in Spain.

As we walked around we heard that Dane, the Pilgrim cellist would be playing in front of the Cathedral this evening.

Dane performing one of the 36 concerts he is playing on the Camino. Check out Dane’s website:

This morning I decided to put on my pedometer even though I was just going to stay in Astorga. Total mileage walking around Astorga: 5.5 K..3.4 Mi.





San Martin del Camino to Astorga

Day Sixty Five. 14.0 Miles, 22.6 Kilometers.

Written on June 23, 2012.

It is a great morning for walking. Several of us left the Albergue at the same time. One of the first sights this morning: a decorative water tower.

Water tower in San Martin del Camino.

After walking four miles we crossed the Puente de Orbigo into Hospital de Orbigo (name of village) to have a coffee.

Puente de Orbigo.

While having coffee and a banana in a bar/restaurant in Hospital de Orbigo we met a family from Georgia, U.S.A., (parents and two children). We spent some time getting acquainted and then continued on.

Several miles later we found a bus stop with shade and took a break. Just then a French lady Pilgrim came by with a kitten asking us where the nearest village is. She had found the kitten and was worried about its health. She was returning from Santiago.

As we kept going we greeted a woman who was walking not far from her home. She wanted to talk so we used our “un poco” Spanish and had a “conversation” with her. She was pleased to have her photo taken.

Friendly lady with Vern.

Three miles after meeting the lady we were ready for another break in San Justo de la Vega not far from Astorga. As we were sitting outside our friend Brigitte, from Switzerland, came by on a bicycle. She is resting her feet for a few days and is riding a bicycle instead of walking.

Brigitte on her rented bicycle.

We arrive in the center of Astorga. We “need” a coffee and an ice cream. We are sitting in front of a Museum.

Museo de Catedral in Astorga.

A street artist Musician in Astorga.

While spending time in front of the museum and near the Cathedral we heard someone playing a guitar. Vern was interested in the style of music he was playing. The performer showed Vern a few chords.