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Our intention is to walk several miles a day, wash our clothes, take care of ourselves, post to our blog, and when possible interact with our “support group”.

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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. We love hearing about all your adventures and seeing the awesome pictures. You and Vern are both amazing! We’ll be watching as you continue on your trip. Enjoyed you sharing your bathroom mishap and will share this with the “Bunco” girls!!!!! You always keep us laughing.

  2. N, was so glad to see your journey on FB. What an awesome time in your life. You have always be an inspiration…..can’t wait to see and hear more about your trek……You go Girl……my prayers are with you, Yvonne

  3. Dear Nancy and Vern, I arrived on 13th of May in Santiago. I had again a wonderful, amazing and inspiratet Camino. Lot of rain the first days, but at the end sunshine! I need to read all the lost days of your blog, but the pictures I saw are beautiful. I am back since last Friday, today was my first day at work… it must!
    I wish you both a pleasant Camino and take care

  4. Liebe Nancy und Vern,
    ich gratuliere Euch zu dem Erfolg. Gerne wäre ich auch bis zum Schluß gegangen. Freue mich schon auf mehr Bilder von Eurem Weg.


  5. Very happy to know you ‘ve realised your dream, to be to Santiago.
    I have a very nice memory from you.
    I love you

    Alain, the Nice boy ( Montbonnet)

  6. It’s just amazing how amazing you are!!! I think you are the life and soul of the party, I mean of El Camino!!! It’s so nice to be able to follow your last days. Thanks for the pictures and your good moments!!! And yeah, very soon we will see each other, and hopefully the daughters will be gathered there 😛 Have fun!!!!!!!! 🙂 xxxxxxx Ana, Consuelo y José Miguel ❤

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