Travel, Pilgrimage, long distance walking are all topics that draw me in and inspire me. First of all, I invite self-induced nudges that move me out of my comfort zone. I know that becoming a greater expression of myself is possible as I move out of the familiar into the not so familiar.

In 2008 I realized that I very much wanted to move beyond my comfort zone into surrender. I checked in with my surgeon at Stanford Hospital in California and the expression on his face said it all. I inquired about what would have to be done and when we could do it. Within three months I had a thoracic aortic repair…within 7 months I was walking over 500 miles from St. Jean Pied-de-Port, France to Fisterra, Spain. My husband, Vern, was also interested in the walk and joined me. The experience was healing, adventurous, and humbling. The effects of that walk are still with us. Check out this walk at http://onthecaminowithnancy.blogspot.com/

In 2011 we both knew that we wanted to walk again. We started planning and “training”. There are many Camino routes to choose from. Initially we thought we may walk the Camino del Norte. Eventually we both agreed that the Le Puy-en-Velay route was a great option. I did the math and knew that it would take me at least three months to walk the 1,060 miles from Le Puy-en-Velay, France to Muxia, Spain and fit in some days to visit with friends. Please check out this walk on this site at the Le Puy to Muxia tab.

We are excited to begin our walk on April 30th!

Thank you to all the PIlgrims whom have touched our lives and gave us “gifts” beyond our wildest dreams!

The following video will demonstrate in a few minutes the energy, terrain, and some of the personal journeys that take place on the Camino. The film has been shown at many film festivals throughout the world.  It is currently showing at theaters in the U.S. It will be available on DVD in October, 2014.

Walking The Camino, Six Ways to Santiago”


View video:





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