El Acebo To Ponferrada

Day Forty Five. 17.4 K., 10.8 Mi.

Written on June 13, 2014.

There wasn't much room to get ready inside the Albergue so I used my quick exit plan. The plan is this: the night before I put everything into my backpack that I am not using. The exceptions are: boots, walking sticks, and toiletries. In the morning I go straight into the bathroom. Then I put the things I was using into my sleeping bag: sleeping mask, iPod, water bottle, and toiletries. With just my night clothes on I put on my backpack, grabbed my sleeping bag, boots, and walking sticks. I go outside and find a place to get organized….usually with a table/chair. This morning the view from the back of the Albergue was beautiful!

The moon above the mountains. Approximately 6:00 a.m.

Daisuke from Japan had the same idea. Vern and Angel soon showed up.

Daisuke ready for walking!

A glimpse of Riego de Ambros.

A church in Molinaseca built ino the mountain.

A stone I just had to take a photo of in Molinaseca.



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