Astorga To Rabanal del Camino

Day Forty Three. 21.4 K., 13.3 Mi.

Written on June 11, 2014.

Many Pilgrims that we know are leaving Astorga around the same time.

Dane walking with his cello.

Dane and a few of the crew members.

Angel, Vern, and I have all had opportunities to talk with Dane over the last couple of weeks. We have learned that the documentary that is currently being filmed of Dane walking during the day and playing the cello in the evening has been six years in the planning stage.

New today: I saw a “Pilgrim” with a skateboard! This is a first for me. At one of our breaks I heard a noise I don't normally hear on the Camino. I looked up just in time to see the skater.

“Pilgrim” skater on the Camino.

First, also today: a rainbow Camino marker!

One of my favorite places on the Camino to take a break:

The Cowbaoy Bar in El Ganso.


2 thoughts on “Astorga To Rabanal del Camino

  1. Enjoying all your news and pictures. Weather looks perfect, which is a bonus, as is good company which you obviously have, too. Stay safe and well. Look forward to your visit to the Iron Cross. Take care on THAT descent into Molinaseca………

    Love to you both

    M & P

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Greetings Kathy, Vern, and Angel,
    Thank-you for including us (me) in your Camino Aventura. The stories and pictures in realtime are wonderful! I’ve shared with our Bar-O students from time to time and they’ve loved it, with many teachable moments about people and places.
    Tengo un gran dia en la Camino!

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