Santiago To Pamplona By Train

Day Eighteen. Travel by train.

Written on May 17, 2014.

Thanks Kathy for sharing a great three weeks with us. My belief is that the Camino is a microcosm of what we call life. What we tend to ignore or deny rises up. Sometimes it rises up loudly, sometimes in “deafening silence”. I am grateful to have shared this time with you, Kasie, Angel, and Vern. Kathy is starting her journey home to the U.S. Vern, Angel, and I are going to Pamplona today to meet our friend, Dieter from Belgium. Kasie flew out of Santiago on May 11th.

Kathy on the Camino.

Angel and Dieter in Pamplona.

Vern and I met Dieter on the Camino Frances in 2012. He was bicycling and we were walking. It is a miracle that we became friends due to the fact that bicyclists can travel many more miles. Thanks Dieter for taking the time and energy to visit us in Pamplona!

A typical street in Pamplona tonight.

Check out video below:

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