Negreira To Olveiroa

Day Fourteen. 35.8 K., 22.2 Mi.

Written on May 13, 2014.

First thing this morning we walked up and up and up a mountain. I'm glad that I had my headlamp…it was still dark out at 6 a.m.

We arrived at the first bar after nine miles of walking. The bar was crowded. Everyone needed coffee, juice, or just a place to sit.

A statue of St. James on the way to Olveiroa.

A dog greeter on a country trail.

Today we walked a lot of miles. I have one focus: get to Olveiroa. There are few bars or places to stay on this stretch of the Camino. This would be a perfect place for a kool-aid stand.

Angel and Kathy walked ahead of us. Vern stayed with me. I was going slow up the mountains and after approximately 15 miles of walking I think I had broken my record for slow.

We finally arrived at Olveiroa after 12 hours of walking. Our beds are upstairs….just enough energy to get to bed.


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