Pension Jumboli To Pontevedra

Day Eight. 19.6 K., 12.2 Mi.

Written on May 7, 2014.

Today was a good walking day. Beautiful paths, trees, flowers, rock walls, and vineyards.

A Pilgrim Shrine on the Way.

Today we saw a Pilgrim walking the other way…..from Santiago. I love to congratulate them for already arriving in Santiago and now going back from where they came.

Tsubouchi from Japan.

I don't really look for toilet stories….they seem to find me. This story is best told with photos:

I entered through the left door.

This is the women's/men's “restroom”.


2 thoughts on “Pension Jumboli To Pontevedra

  1. Its a joy to follow you guys through this blog Nancy. Great commentary! Give Angel a high five for me.

  2. I love the pictures:). Tell Angel Mimi sends good wishes and prayers that you all have a wonderful journey.

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