Vilarinho to Pedra Furada

Day Three. 18.5 K, 9.07 Mi.

Written on May 2nd.

Great start with breakfast served by Manny. Thanks for answering our questions about local landmarks and traditions.

Ida and Manny, CJ's Cafe.

Kathy, Kasie, Vern, and Angel on the Ponte de Zameiro over the River Ave.

A dog friend who lives on the other side of the bridge.

After we entered Sao Pedro De Rates we saw a cafe. We all needed a break. The owner came out with small complimentary glasses of Port and a guest book. As we were leaving he pointed toward the Camino…what….that's not the way we were going. He could see that we were confused so he walked out of the back of his cafe with us to make sure we were on the right “way”.

Fernando of Macedo's.
Fernando told us about Antonio's in Pedra Furada, a great place to stay and have dinner. At first I didn't consider the suggestion. It was half the distance that we wanted to walk today. But as we continued on the Camino my throat became more sore and the day hotter. Antonio's sounded like a great option!


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