Porto, Portugal To Maia, Portugal

Day One….17.4 K, 10.8 Mi.

Written on April 30, 2014

Breakfast is included at the B&B Hotel in Porto. We decided to start off our walk with two nights in hotels. The reason being: we are flying from the U.S. then walking the very next morning. In order to get organized and be rested we opted for hotels. The Hotel did not have a sello, the stamp needed to prove in Santiago that we actually walked there. Vern suggested that we go to the church closeby: Paroquia Santo Ildefonso.

As we walked further we saw a beautiful display of buildings in the distance…it was a good time to get a photo of us and the view!

Kathy, Kasie, Vern, Nancy, and Angel.

We were taking a much needed break. As we were trying to say a word in Portuguese a couple of kids came up and started speaking with us. We had a great time with them. They actually walked a short distance with us.

The two friends, (maybe brothers) and Angel.

Angel was carrying buttons. The kids loved choosing one for themselves.

The boys came back with another brother and gave Kasie a flower!

A fun dinner with new friends! Starting in the back left: Andreia , Claudio, and their son, Rafael. Next to Vern: Pedro. Thanks to Pedro for helping me order my food. We had a special time with all of you!


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