San Francisco To Porto, Portugal

April 28/29, 2014

We are excited to be heading to the San Francisco Airport after a good night's sleep. We easily connect with Angel and Kasie. We spend time with one of the passengers.

Great entertainment for all of us waiting passengers.

Vern, Angel, Nancy, and Kasie in the Frankfurt Airport just before we ran into Kathy. Great connections with the San Francisco-Frankfurt-Porto part of our trip.

A church directly across from our hotel in Porto.


2 thoughts on “San Francisco To Porto, Portugal

  1. Nancy and Vern ,

    Good luck on you camino,
    I start the coastal camino from Porto to Santiago on 13 June.
    Your are 6 weeks to early.
    I will be thinking of you both


    • Hi Nickie….so good to hear that you are walking! We will be in Santiago twice….second week in May and third week in June…then to Germany to visit our friend Lisa.
      Buen Camino!

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