Posts Above This: Dos Caminos 2014, Posts Below: Le Puy to Muxia 2012.

In order to be clear about what posts are from the 2012 blog and which posts will pertain to the 2014 bog I have created this “spacer”.

You are welcome to follow, share, and comment.

Please note that you will need to scroll/page down to older postings for each Blog.

8 thoughts on “Posts Above This: Dos Caminos 2014, Posts Below: Le Puy to Muxia 2012.

  1. Hey Vern and Nancy, Thanks for including me on your blog – I will be following you all along your journey (and wishing I was there!). Good luck and have fun.
    John Tucker (Victoria, BC)

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your reply. I was trying to figure out how to add a new blog to the old blog website without deleting the old one. I wrote a quick posting and am so grateful that you responded! Vern and I think of you often. We will never forget the day with you in the pouring down rain in a horse stable or whatever it was!
      Nancy and Vern

  2. Hallo Nancy, hello Vern, have a pleasure tour with a lot of unforgettable experience. I am sure you will meet friendly and interesting people on you way. Good luck, Monika

    • Hi Monika,
      Thanks for the kind thoughts. We will post as much as possible on our walk through Portugal and Spain. Hope to see you in Germany “on our way home”. Lisa keeps us updated on the adventures that you have together.
      Nancy & Vern

    • Hi Maureen,
      Thanks for everything you and your family did to send us off on our 2012 Camino! We didn’t eat that good after that! Are you still playing the train game?

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