Muxia to Home. Day Four.

Written on July 15, 2012.


Vern, Lisa, and I had breakfast at the hotel.Yes I said breakfast…not toast and coffee, but yogurt, eggs, fruit juice, and cereal. There were other foods also available at the buffet. We took our time eating and relaxing. We then left to find a double decker bus to ride in. We paid 20 euros each and were able to ride on the bus all day. If we saw something we wanted to explore or take a closer look at we could leave the bus any time. Headphones were provided and you could choose the language you needed.

We went to our room and rested. I was anxious to wear a different pair of pants so I went across the street and bought a pair of jeans. A different pair of pants after 3 months!

We felt rested, walked a short distance and returned to the bus for another part of the tour.

In the evening we returned to Plaza Mayor. It was now Sunday evening. The scene was completely changed from Saturday evening. Massage chairs and vendors of every type of product lined the streets. There were a few musicians, but not the variety that we saw the evening before. There were many young men running around trying to sell toys that they would launch with a rubber band many feet off the ground.

The fountains and landmarks of Madrid are beautiful and unique. Here are just a few of the landmarks and attractions that we saw: I have only added titles to the structures that I am sure of.

Edificio Metropolis.
Royal Palace.
A Camino marker on a Madrid Hotel!
Madrid is an interesting city with attractions and interests for every style and taste!

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