Rest Day Finisterre

Day Eighty Two.

Written on July 10, 2012.

There are many places to have a cup of coffee this morning and a light breakfast. We chose a cafe near the water. As soon as we walked in it was a time for celebration and reunion! We saw Catarina and Gloria.

Catarina, Vern, Me, and Gloria.

We wanted to spend some time together so we decided to take a walk out to the lighthouse. There are many Pilgrims walking toward the lighthouse, many we have not seen before. It is a beautiful, clear day in Finisterre. We soon met up with Mairead and stopped at a market for water and a chocolate bar. The 12th Century Romanesque Church, Igrexa de Santa Maria das Areas, (Our Lady of the Sands), is on the way.

A statue of Saint Roch and his dog inside Our Lady of the Sands Church.

As we are walking to the lighthouse Gloria and Catarina walk to a hill not far from the lighthouse. Mairead, Vern, and I continue up to the lighthouse and spend time visiting with other pilgrims. I reflect on what Finisterre, (The “end of the world”), means to me. I had spent time considering this thought while walking and discovered that walking to Finisterre is a symbol for me. The symbol is: I can't believe what I think. What I mean by this is: In Medieval times it was believed that the world was flat. Finisterre has its name, The End Of The Earth, due to this belief. What beliefs do I have that will be discounted next year or next century?

The view from Finisterre.

This is such a meaningful day! We walk to the waymarker that reads 0,00 K.M.

Vern and I at the 0,00 K.M. Waymarker.

A better look at the 0,00 K.M. Waymarker.

We walk for a few minutes back toward Finisterre and a miracle! We see the California boys and Perrogrino. We haven't seen “The Boys” in a few days. We have heard about Perrorgrino but have not seen him since June 28th in Villafranca del Bierzo. He has walked at least 469 Kilometers, almost 300 Miles, (that we know about). We think that the first time he was seen walking was from Terradillos de Los Templarios.

The California Boys and friends with Perrogrino.


A very eventful day! I was in our room and Vern brought Sophia to visit, another Pilgrim we have not seen for a few weeks.

Thomas is having a birthday tomorrow and has invited Albert and Ingrid from Holland, Vern and I to help him celebrate while we are all in Finisterre together. We are glad to spend time with them. Thomas found a wonderful restaurant with a great view. Happy Birthday tomorrow Thomas!


7 thoughts on “Rest Day Finisterre

  1. Congrats to you and Vern for completing the walk! Now it appears there is much celebrating to do! Yesterday, I watched the movie ‘The Way’ and thought of all the pilgrims and what an incredible journey it must be.

  2. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!—Memories/sights/ an new international friendships to share
    your daily pilgrimage has helped you both complete this fantistic voyage! Now, off to Madrid,
    Spain to meet up with Lisa, your German friend that walked the Camino de Santiago in 2009
    with you both:) See you guys on July 19th.

  3. Love your blog.
    Did you perhaps meet my friend Eddie from South Africa? He is also known as the fast mover, did El Camino from St Jean to Santiago in 28 days. He was also doing it in support of MSA like the 3 South African girls you met, but he did it mainly in Honour of his late Great Love Vicky.

    Kind Regards

    Jurg Zimmermann
    Cape Town

  4. Hey Nancy and Vern;

    You do have a lovely way discribing your camino. It was a great experiance. We are now at home and are writing our experiances of the camino and make wonderfull books with our photographs.
    It was great doing it and we meet wonderfull people like you.

    Grtz Albert/Ingrid de Hoop

    Ameland Metherlands

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