Olveiroa to Finisterre

Day Eighty One. 20.3 Miles, 32.7 Kilometers.

Written on July 9, 2012.

The sunrise is later each day. Where we are staying is on the Camino. The tricky part is to find the waymarkers when we leave the village. The closest village to have our first break and a cup of coffee is Hospital. It takes awhile to walk there…we are ready for a break.

At least a week ago, on the way to Triacastela, Vern met three women from South Africa. He walked with them for awhile. I walked my own pace behind them. This morning we took our break with them in Hospital. It was then that I learned that they are walking for a cause: to bring awareness to MSA. Multiple System Atrophy is a neurologically degenerative disease. They are walking in support of their friend, Sonja, and anyone affected by this disease.

Susan, Gerda, Me, and Esther.

Gerda is walking with a MSA card to bring awareness.

Sonja's Blog and more information can be found at: msainsouthafricawithsonja.blogspot.com.

We walked a short way from the village of Hospital and had to make a decision: walk directly to Muxia or walk to Finisterre and pick up our second Compostella. We decided to walk to Finisterre.

A rare waymarker on the Camino.
It was a beautiful clear day on the way to Finisterre. We were excited to see our first glimpse today of the Atlantic Ocean. We walked today for 11 hours. As soon as we entered Finisterre we recognized Pilgrims we saw yesterday and Pilgrims we hadn't seen in a few weeks. We walked directly to the Albergue to receive our Compostela.
Finisterre uses a Pilgrim's given name, not the Latin equivalent.
I have discovered in Finisterre that there are many ways to spell the name of this town.
Peter, Merle, and Vern.
The first friends that we saw today was Peter and Merle from Australia. We set a time to have dinner together. They were glad that we were going to take our showers first!
Although I experience many different emotions while entering Santiago and Finisterre, they are both very special to me. It is a time of celebration, support, and the honoring of each others journey and of the different ways we arrived here.


4 thoughts on “Olveiroa to Finisterre

  1. Nancy and Vern….you guys look great. So happy this has been a wonderful trip for the two of you.
    Vern..looking forward to our golfing trip upon your return..Lyle cut his hand on a circular saw and was flown to SF for treatment. He has returned with a shorter middle finger but is otherwise doing well…Take care..

  2. Hi Nancy, it is heart warming to read that my friends did such a great job of creating awareness for MSA. Thank you for letting me know about it. Blessings for your life Camino, Sonja

  3. You made it! Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed every second of Fisterra and the way to it as much as I did!

  4. Hello, I am Bob Summers and live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in the USA. I am a FB friend of Sonja who lives in SA. My wife was freed form this disorder on May 4th of this year. Sonja is such a fighter and MSA Warrior. So are the ladies who was bringing awareness on this walk! The MSA community appreciate their awareness efforts! And we thank you for post and helping us bring awareness to this little known neurological disorder. Thanks and God Bless. Bob

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